i'll tag you along

on saturday i paid a little visit to small vintage shops in swanston st and found adorable stuffs there.
however, they're pricey and i'm penniless. so, i went home w/ empty hands. figured.

i took some shots tho and well, wanted to take more but felt inconvenient so, yeah, pop here and visit instead! i'll tag you along ;)

they do have real vintage stuffs like in victorian era & they seriously stunned me. i'm gonna take more pics for that later, yeah later.

anywaaaay, the "monash thingie" project is coming soon... it's in progress so pls do patiently wait for it kay?

ps: the pics below r not from the vintage shop i mentioned previously, but other near shops i happened to pass by.

$20 vintage r still not worth the pay (pasar senen would give better price & better stuffs, don't ya agree, indonesian fellas? -cant compare the quality tho, but still, they're thrifted) the range price for the other ones are about $50above and most likely applied to other vintage shops

see ya!



waaa.. itu topi2 yg berbentuk binatang lucu bangeeeet :) jadi mau, hehe.. btw, kunjungi blog'ku ya :))
udyudell said…
niceeeee....kapan2 kesana ahhhh hahahhaa
Francesca said…
this store looks really cool! x
Hippiegonemad said…
thankyou for your lovely comment and nice post!!!

Stephani Janet said…
wow,! nice shop with cool stuffs! <3
Brenda evans said…
following ur twitter, folbek ya :)
CHLOE HAY ♥ said…
Those knitted hats are so cute! And love the accessories!

Fox Whiskers
Yessica said…
So cute! hahaha.
Unknown said…
Cool stuffs! By the way, i saw you on Gogirl! Congrats dear. :)

Flickering Moonlight
Unknown said…
cute stuff!! but yess,, they are overprice especially compare with pasar senen :p..hehe

anw,how's life going in melb? :)
omg this store rocks! But still, pasar senen would give us much more stuffs xD
Unknown said…
i want those colored hats!!! :)

aaah those things at the shop are really cutee!! but yeah, pasar senen is much cheaperrr haha:D

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