Tuesday, April 12, 2011

i'll tag you along

7:38 PM 15
on saturday i paid a little visit to small vintage shops in swanston st and found adorable stuffs there.
however, they're pricey and i'm penniless. so, i went home w/ empty hands. figured.

i took some shots tho and well, wanted to take more but felt inconvenient so, yeah, pop here and visit instead! i'll tag you along ;)

they do have real vintage stuffs like in victorian era & they seriously stunned me. i'm gonna take more pics for that later, yeah later.

anywaaaay, the "monash thingie" project is coming soon... it's in progress so pls do patiently wait for it kay?

ps: the pics below r not from the vintage shop i mentioned previously, but other near shops i happened to pass by.

$20 vintage r still not worth the pay (pasar senen would give better price & better stuffs, don't ya agree, indonesian fellas? -cant compare the quality tho, but still, they're thrifted) the range price for the other ones are about $50above and most likely applied to other vintage shops

see ya!


Sunday, April 10, 2011

kept me going

8:22 PM 3

YAAAAAYYY, i was so excited since my rated stylish article has been published! sadly enough, i can't see it directly coz i live... quite far away :p

well, my mom sent me the magz already, i'll jst gonna wait patiently and see it with my very own eyes (O.O)

this will be a quick post i suppose, since i have some stuffs to do later.

henceforth, im just gonna show you how my life has been

i knw this pic is blurry n the whole pt of seeing it is useless. but, i personally thought it shows pretty much magical thing. see those crowded thingie which kinda looks like a pack of ants? IT'S EFFIN GRAVEYARD MAN! daamn, it's big enough to build uni/school lol *oh well i do prefer malls actually*

anyway, i hv a project going on recently. you knw how stylish monash uni students are? you dnt knw, rnt you?


oh fine, it sounds (extremely) weird but hell, i truly mean it.

i am not a pro photographer or yet do hv a high tech camera or such things, but at least i own an eligible device which can captures stuffs, and i do have enthusiasm and courage (lol, now i sound like a cv writer) basically, im going to make a face hunter wanna-be MONASH version or ... nah, whatever.

so, stay tune people! more fashion posts coming up!


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