lousy ones

the title is so me dont you agree?
it's been a while since i last wrote (that sounds wrong for a blogger aight?)
and have i told you tht i moved alreaaaady? no? quite a shock? no.

yeah i moved to melbourne & oh, it's temporary tho... eh, well... not really... hm, not so sure lol.
and how was everything going? fine actually :)
my first day in uni went pretty well, i met lots of new friends and yeah, excited much!
thank God good things kept happening, but really, i miss home
honestly leaving indo was quite a hard choice.
stepping out frm your comfort zone, yeah, that's tough.
so, technically speaking, His plan was amazing.
i've never planned much for my future.
but surprisingly, everything went just well.

there're just a lot to say, but i've got a tute to do.
so, thanks to those who's patience enough to read this piece of "joke"
hm, it's not a joke, it's my life :)

so, yeah, no fashion stuffs for today.
will post pics soon, promise!

remember, I'M STILL ALIVE :p

see you around!



ninit said…
Apa kabarmu di sana?
Btw bb mu masih aktif ga sih?
Long time no see, and suddenly you've moved to Melbourne :'(

But I hope you'll be ok there :D
See ya!
mirramie said…
sarrr.... miss youuu, i've a lot gosssiippp nih hehe.

see you soon :)
sartob said…
im goooood thanks nit :) hbu? udh lama deh g dnger kabar dr si bunda heheh.
masih aktif kok nit heheh bbm2 aja kl mau :D

thaanks bun, hoping the best for you as well!
see you soon!
sartob said…
whoooaaa asik nih mir! ntr pas ktmu tumpahin lgsg gosipnya okee! hahaha :) see you too beyb :*
i believe your god will take a good care of you out there
come home soon,we miss you too here:)


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