g'day mate

"g'day mate! how's it going?"

yeaaaah, i heard that a lot. so, i'm gonna say tht phrase as well, how's it going guys?

a few days ago i had a little photoshot w/ cherry (fyi, it's a real name) for gogirl thingy, i won't tell you much, just wait patiently til the issue is published :p

i must say it's a bit hardwork to get a slr camera to borrow, (since i dnt have one) and here i'm in melbourne knowing not so many people to ask for help. so long story short, a kind-hearted friend of mine lent me her slr & i asked cherry to take the pics! yay! it works pretty well & we, the amateurs truly had fun lol

here're my fav shots:

so tell me fellas, which one is your fav & which one you dislike the most?
and if you don't mind drop the reasons as well :)

thaaanks guys, your comments would be highly appreciated, i'd jst like to knw wht's on my readers' minds lol.


oh, not to forget, i'd like to say THANKYOU TIFFANY RIYANTO for lending me your slr! uuuuh i heart you so much :*


Presticilla said…
hmm, I like your last photo. You're beautiful :)
udyudell said…
i live @ south yarra..just 3 stations from the city,hbu?yeah we can meet up sometimes :)
how's melbourne so far?do you like it or not?
udyudell said…
hey i forgot,dont forget to come to MOOMBA festival..it's free!perhaps i'll meet u there ;)
erza syah said…
i like your style
heart it xoxo
Becky Regina said…
That's so cool that you're in Melbourne now! And my favorite is the third one ;)
Melai said…
love each look! did a great job :)
Cindy Karmoko said…
hey thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, ! i was sonia's sidekick on 2nd and 3rd blogger's yard sale but i will have my own booth on the 5th blogger's yard sale i guess. see ya!
such a cute post! u look so so lovely! love all the outfits!

xx, Sabinna and David

babyskiffie said…
may favorite is the last one!!
tres chic!!

Tara said…
i like ur last shot, u look so cute and that outfit is cool :)
let me see... ehm..... i like all of your styles as well!!!! kinda miss you sartob:)
inge luciana said…
I love the last one, that's the best!!
The last outfit is the most gorgeus <3
michelle_ said…
these are gorgeous pieces !!
love them !

glisters and blisters
Michelle said…
looveee all the photos! fashionably chic!
i like all of them!! X)
but my favorite is the second :))

Forget Me Not.
Shirley said…
my favourite is the one with the stirpes dress, so pretty!

Edwina said…
Love your last photo. You look so cute there.. :)

Flickering Moonlight
Ribka said…
I love the last photo ^^
nice outfit!
Yessica said…
Love the last picture of yours. =D
fhen said…
you look so chic!
love the 3rd and last outfit the most

little miss fhenny
Tamara S. Putri said…
I love your last one <3 the hair is gorgeous. Love the other ones too though! Esp. the one with that gorgeous lavender/lilac outerwear (cardigan or blazer im supposing?)
Very cute :)

ailovesamore said…
love those outfits :)
cute and sylish :)
i like the 1st blazer
Shally said…
the third one girls!!
love the orange cardigan,esp. the shawl and also ur lovely head band :)

pssst! u have a sweet smile too bebh :p

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