Monday, March 28, 2011

vintage dream

6:50 PM 23

current fave: diva ballerina necklace & unbranded owl ring

wearing: cotton ink grey top, cotton on boyfriend jeans, unbraded red leg warmer, zara oxford shoes, country road school bag

current love: vintage


Friday, March 11, 2011

g'day mate

4:50 PM 25
"g'day mate! how's it going?"

yeaaaah, i heard that a lot. so, i'm gonna say tht phrase as well, how's it going guys?

a few days ago i had a little photoshot w/ cherry (fyi, it's a real name) for gogirl thingy, i won't tell you much, just wait patiently til the issue is published :p

i must say it's a bit hardwork to get a slr camera to borrow, (since i dnt have one) and here i'm in melbourne knowing not so many people to ask for help. so long story short, a kind-hearted friend of mine lent me her slr & i asked cherry to take the pics! yay! it works pretty well & we, the amateurs truly had fun lol

here're my fav shots:

so tell me fellas, which one is your fav & which one you dislike the most?
and if you don't mind drop the reasons as well :)

thaaanks guys, your comments would be highly appreciated, i'd jst like to knw wht's on my readers' minds lol.


oh, not to forget, i'd like to say THANKYOU TIFFANY RIYANTO for lending me your slr! uuuuh i heart you so much :*

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

lousy ones

5:39 PM 5
the title is so me dont you agree?
it's been a while since i last wrote (that sounds wrong for a blogger aight?)
and have i told you tht i moved alreaaaady? no? quite a shock? no.

yeah i moved to melbourne & oh, it's temporary tho... eh, well... not really... hm, not so sure lol.
and how was everything going? fine actually :)
my first day in uni went pretty well, i met lots of new friends and yeah, excited much!
thank God good things kept happening, but really, i miss home
honestly leaving indo was quite a hard choice.
stepping out frm your comfort zone, yeah, that's tough.
so, technically speaking, His plan was amazing.
i've never planned much for my future.
but surprisingly, everything went just well.

there're just a lot to say, but i've got a tute to do.
so, thanks to those who's patience enough to read this piece of "joke"
hm, it's not a joke, it's my life :)

so, yeah, no fashion stuffs for today.
will post pics soon, promise!

remember, I'M STILL ALIVE :p

see you around!