Saturday, January 8, 2011

chasing tomorrow

a change, i demand a change
a simple change that yet might surprise your life
an intuition whispers me
you'll change, yes you will
i remembered your promise that day
a new blank sheet to write on
will be given when you've changed
so, now's the time?

-to you

converse sneakers, zara dark brown tights, unbraded jeans skirt, zara peach shirt, celine bag, diy lego ring, bali & mark n spencer bracelets



ching said...

i love how effortlesly chic you are.

chie suci utami apsari said...

great pose:)

Ariyani Sukma said...

happy new year sar,
you always have a cute properties for your photo shoot! love it cuteyy

Ratu Annisaa said...

I like the very first picture, I think you look utterly gorgeous. The effect gave such a nice addition to the picture, I just love it, the first picture is.

Steffi Santa said...

love the way you tied your hair.cute! :)

janet said...

cool outfits :)
thanks for the comment

Anonymous said...

another chic cute style and photos :)

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

i like your style here...