animal parade

i love animal, well, who doesn't?
my favs are cats & dogs
it's been a long time since i personally pet them tho,
uuuh, borrow me your kitty & doggie will ya?

soo, tell me, what's your fav animal?
*pls don't say cockroach or i'm gonna faint immediately, no kidding*

DALMATIAN shawl & KOALA *somewhat* necklace

rings: pink FOX & brown ELEPHANT
RUDOLPH head piece

my new favorite boots :)



vdcouture said…
awwww super lucu sartob <3 me likey <3

Claudia Adistis said…
Hay thanks for nice comment, yes i'm completely newbie :) Love your shoes kak. I linked you! Link back?
Kalyana said…
cool boots dear.
i love dof but i dont really like cat, but i never had a chance to pet it.

love animals too.
but the funny thing is i honestly scared of adult animals.anything.i like baby animals lool

love your boots
Vanessa said…
nice outfit! my favorite animal is panda!!!
I hate cockroach too :p

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