Sunday, December 11, 2011

twins from another motha'

3:40 PM 12


one hot, crazy & coolest sister of mine,

- a model for JFW, milk and happiness collection, and more upcoming projects
- a dedicated contributor of Instyle magazine, used to work in lifestyle department
- a public relation woman yet responsibly working as an event organiser
- an awesome socialite
- a fashion partner-in-crime of mine

enough said,


Thursday, December 8, 2011

i'm back!

11:50 PM 9

 everbest heels -- just notice i didn't fold my jeans properly. lol :p


 mark n spencer jeans

hey fellas, i'm back in INDOOOOOO! yay! so hyped to meet my family and mates. i unexpectedly met a lot of new friends along the way as well ;)

i've been hanging quite a lot in several malls, pitbull concert, brightspot, and meet ups with old friends. i'm starting my intern next monday and damn, im so fudgin' excited! i'll work at E&Y, just fyi :p

aight then, i don't feel like talking much, so catch ya later!

oh, and do contact me if ya planning a meet up, esp. a BLOGGER MEET UP lol


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

life in ICC

12:26 PM 22
these pictures below are taken from my church here in Melbourne (which is named Indonesian Christian Church- ICC), and as you can see, i wasn't alone.
i truly need to thank these precious fellas of mine. they helped to grow together in God and to think maturely from their suggestions. i know i might sound a bit melancholy here, but i just feel like praising Him for beautiful yet supportive friends He has given me.


wishing my friend a happy birthday (if ya notice, it was me as the background lols) 

(outer- sportsgirl, gold top & brogues- zara, jeans- mark and spencer)

have an awesum day y'all!


Friday, September 30, 2011

yayness to footy

11:04 AM 11
to those who live in Australia must feel so familiar with this type of sport. i really cnt explain how it works, but i kinda find it easy to understand.
well, i watched AFL semifinal LIVE last saturday n even tho i was a newbie, i literally enjoyed the game.
cnt believe tomorrow's FINAAAAL and im so hypeeeeeed!~ so, are you after CATS or MAGPIES? 

let me get off the topic for a while and earnestly present you my new bambi necklace from MILK and HAPPINESS :)

it's my mom's best friend's daughter's friend's store, lol, long story short, there's this new jewellery store which captures my soul (wow, tht's heavy). my mom was the one who bought it in indo n sent it here and apparently, i LOVE it! it's catchy but not too flashy, which pretty much defines me.

excuse my zombie-white-weird-looking face

i have no idea why the quality of the pics have gone so bad. it was okay when i first uploaded them into picasa web, but somehow the pixels went ugly and they're mostly blurry. darn...

oh, and to those who wnts to know MILK AND HAPPINESS more, simply click HERE.



Thursday, September 22, 2011


8:16 PM 5

hey guys, wht are you up to?
im gonna have a mid semester break for a week & still have no idea wht to do
anyone wanna hv some coffee time in melb w/ mooy? or just a simple meet up/shopping time?
let me know soon ;)


Sunday, September 18, 2011

woops, DIET ON FIRE!

9:03 PM 14
i kept reminding myself to go on diet from... probably 2 months ago?
but, these fellas of mine consistently influenced me to eat more like pigs
and voila, i gained effin' 6 KILOS! NOOOOOO!

new pics of mine:

ribbon dress: friends of couture, midnight high-socks: sportsgirl, strappy heels: zara, bag: forever new, scarf-used as headband: unbranded, earring: louisa

did you notice the change? uugh


Thursday, September 1, 2011

brag a bit, mate?

2:02 AM 28
how inconsistent i am, yes?

i know i am on a hiatus (duh, i posted it jst a few days ago. or no... was it yesterday?)
but man, do you knw how bored i am right now? nah, you hv no idea at all.

i'm stuck w/ mid semester test tmrw so i drank a double espresso DARE, and here i am writing annoying blahs, ignoring my tutes & an open book right in front of my eyes (well, technically it's not literally in front of my eyes- if you knw wht i mean)

i believe by browsing, youtube-ing, facebook-ing, blogwalking & you knw, non-important-but-somehow-interesting-thing-to-do-when-you-are-so-desperate killing time stuffs would rejuvenate my eyes from those finance theories & nonsense calculations, but, lol, i jst noticed it's 5 am already, oups.

goodbye finance, im officially disregarding you! YEAY! 

i know my writings would waste every important second of your life, so here i come to the point.

it's been... hm, prolly 6 months? since my gogirl article went out. but i havent really posted it here, so here it goes.

well, honestly, im not satisfied w/ the pics quality and my overall outfits. hold on, there're reasons for that, mate! *and im blaming MYSELF, note: im really thankful for kak Media's patience&cooperation. it's truly fully my fault. lols :)

1. when i was contacted by gogirl staff, i was jst arrived in melbourne! and knowing tht i'll be back next year, she asked me to take self-taken pics n send her instead. i agreed and yes, the non-professional photos suck!

2. since i was new in melb, i only had a few old stuffs and really have nothing extraordinary to show off. i was seriously in a fashion-crisis (and still am) and in need to go shopping like immediately. but again, ive got no time, so i wore oldies instead gaaah!

3. ... nah, i think thts it

um, right, so I REALLY CANT WAIT TO GO BACK TO INDO ON NOVEMBER and DO HARDCORE SHOPPING! i really mean it. gonna make a HARDCORE one.
since i've got a job here & pocket extra monies, i'll be spending them on SHOPPING~

lol, sound so pathetic, dont i?

oh oh! im arriving on 20 november n will stay till prolly feb,
if you're free pls contact me asap! i knw it's on holiday, but ive got tons things to do as well :p (like internship) so please pls pls make an early arrangement ;)

do i talk too much?


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

on a hiatus

8:35 PM 0

due to:
1. excessive work
2. studies
3. cold weather which drops my mood to dress up
4. haven't been shopping for ages
5. too lazy

so dear readers,
pls be back after november :) or probably before that *fingerscrossed* lols!

see ya!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

call it a day

10:49 PM 24

this unique mirror makes me look tall & thinner. awesomeness :p

nothing to share today, but i'd like to give out a set of random questions to any of you :)

pick one:
1. best friend / boy/girlfriend
2. introvert / extrovert
3. white / black
4. fame / richness
5. tons of fake friends / friendless

nyaw, i know it IS random, so... yeah :p


Monday, July 11, 2011

love the city, love the people

8:48 PM 22

as promised, i did capture some of monash's street styler kinda thing.
well, with the weather, hectic schedule & everything, i didn't manage to take more photos.

just wait until i start my second semester, i will collect more dazzling stuffs.


Sunday, July 10, 2011

arina karen renata

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introducing Arina Karen Renata,
a talented graphic designer who's freshly graduated from Monash University
to see more of her works click here
or for more inquiries, contact:

she's one prodigious artist
and one hell awesome sister-from-another-mother of mine

fyi, not all of the pics above are her works
i will post HER pic soon :)
(i'm talking about in-person-pic, mate! lols)