the other side

2 months to go! i'll be leaving 0n the 13th feb 2011
wuoo, feeling excited & scared at the same time

missoni kimono top, AOD half see-through skirt, charles & keith heels, diy headbands

anyway, a reminder to those who want a free nikicio's fashion show ticket, here's the rule:

1. follow my blog
2. follow my twitter: @sartob
& mention that you want the ticket
3. simply comment here that you've done all & i'll think for it ;)



Becky Tjandera said…
Lovely outfit ! Love the kimono shirt and dress . So cool that you're going to Nikicio fashion show . Uuu .
ching said…
i like your headpiece. :D
love your diy headband
creative ya:)
aisaicha said…
where will you go tob? Abroad? Love your outfit btw :D
Unknown said…
Thanks for dropping by at my blog. Where will you go by the way, dear?

Flickering Moonlight
udyudell said…
love your outfit!
thanks for visiting my blog

thanks for the nice comment

love ur outfit :D
cute outwear.
one year of living here, creative photos look differences with other.

seneng jg bisa kenal kamu :)
Arika Yasmine said…
Thanks for dropping by my blog and leave comment. You know that I'm the one in your BBM list? lol :p
Anonymous said…
ahha! nice kimono! :D
yapyap c u on 15th ya dear!
have a great day!
ailovesamore said…
the kimono so adorable . btw , where are you going dear ? :)

Princilla said…
love your kimono! nice outfit :)

visit-follow-comment on my blog and i'll return the favor.. just tell me ;)

Shirley said…
what a cute outfit!
and i love the kimono, so adorable!
ratua said…
Looking lovely! I like the kimono ever so much!
Kate Zhou said…
cutee outfitt! thanks for your comment.. hahaha
Yuri said…
That's a very lovely kimono, love the color!
See you on the Nikicio show! :)

I really love your diy headband, tooob! We should meet before you leave! :)

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