Tuesday, November 16, 2010



another tarki's event. yum yum. enjoy the pics ;)

cardigan- unbranded, top- vietnam, short pants- mangdu, tights- zara, shawl- cotton ink, old black flats- marie claire



veda said...

such a fun event!

Closet Test Tube

pixelhazard said...

haha how adorable are you! thanks for the sweet comment, yeah i live in australia. looks like we're country neighbours

Bright Green Laces

pixelhazard said...

Oh how fun, you'll adore melbourne! If you come to sydney drop me a line, maybe we can meet up in the city for coffee and cake :)

Bright Green Laces

Anonymous said...

Wow, looks so much fun! We're gonna miss you when you're off to Melbourne... Yes, we should meet very soon, Tob! :D

Castor Pollux

ailovesamore said...

you look cute here :)
btw , tarki always has a GREAT EVENT :)) so i bet the event was very good :))



lala said...

love the outfit
so adorable

Anonymous said...

hei dear thanks for your sweet comment
u look cute dear, i love your outfit, especially your shirt hehe :3
anyway you're going to melb? whaaa mesti cepet2 ketemuan sblom pegi nih :)

♥Sisterhood♣ said...

envy you. i wanted to go to that event but apparently i can't. just curious do u hv MYMP shots?:D I'm sure they are awesome

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

i like your outfit