jakarta fashion weeeeeeeek

oyeah, sorry for the hiatus, again, n again, n again
well, hope you guys won't be disappointed with me nyam nyaam ;)
just enjoy the pics below, teehee!

with, "you-kn0w-who"
oh wait? you don't knw?, she's kimmy! the it-model!
hm, google her! enough said :)

reevo! we met at bloggers meet up & we've become close ever since ;)

mirra! my bbf! "blog best friend" ;)

with one of the "Lomba Perancang Aksesori 2010" participants, he's something yeah? his artworks are also "eye-catchy". will post them very soon!

reevo & mirra
(click them to see their awesome blogs)

we sure did have a lot of fun
who would say no? it's "the" jakarta fashion week 2010/2011, duh

oh btw, they're just a part of the other hundred pics, stay tune to see more :)

not gonna say a lot today tho,
so, see you tomorrow on bloggers yard sale 2!



vdcouture said…
awww so fun! gw ga pergi :( plus ktemu kak revo jga ? envy!

asiknya , gw tinggal dibatam dulunya dijakarta .

nice to know you :)

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