150th post- life we live

it's pretty random, i don't really know what to write.
i just wanna write while i knw i can't even put my mind into sentences.

sometimes times like this passed by
a time for self-reflection, where i saw myself in bubbles, and thought, i want to know her more
thus, i pity the way i looked her
she used to be so strong n brave, and now, she seems so fragile

oh well, figures,
pebbles around her journey are teaching her to grow up
they've been around trying to stop her, but hey, life must go on

right, when i'm awake i remembered
choosing the right path isn't as easy as tossing coin
but believing in each of the way God has given to me
is much more reliable than anything
i know God has His best plans for me

therefore, if any of my church fella stop by at my blog,
join me in finding the truth about life and how to live it.

GKI PI proudly present,
Life We Live,

i don't really know how did I turn out to promote the year-end closing event of my church. that's where God leads me, eh?

cheers & have a blessed day, peeps!



add years to your life, as u live where you should be =) love the words in the pics!
Marissa Abigail said…
just found out your blog and i like it! :)
vdcouture said…
whoa is it good ? looks fun!2

sartob said…
thanks lia ;)

and yeah i hope it turns out great vee. acaranya tgl 18dec & gw ketua nyaa! argh deg2an :(

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