Tuesday, November 30, 2010

blab, no?

8:25 PM 5
awwwwyeaaah, my life sucks... sometimes.
i don't feel like blabbing so let the pics talk.

wearing: zara top, little india vest, ciel skirt, tasha d bangles & korean clogs

cheers y'all!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

jakarta fashion weeeeeeeek

8:44 PM 2
oyeah, sorry for the hiatus, again, n again, n again
well, hope you guys won't be disappointed with me nyam nyaam ;)
just enjoy the pics below, teehee!

with, "you-kn0w-who"
oh wait? you don't knw?, she's kimmy! the it-model!
hm, google her! enough said :)

reevo! we met at bloggers meet up & we've become close ever since ;)

mirra! my bbf! "blog best friend" ;)

with one of the "Lomba Perancang Aksesori 2010" participants, he's something yeah? his artworks are also "eye-catchy". will post them very soon!

reevo & mirra
(click them to see their awesome blogs)

we sure did have a lot of fun
who would say no? it's "the" jakarta fashion week 2010/2011, duh

oh btw, they're just a part of the other hundred pics, stay tune to see more :)

not gonna say a lot today tho,
so, see you tomorrow on bloggers yard sale 2!


Friday, November 19, 2010

de.cada.dia latest lookbook

8:22 AM 3
de.cada.dia is a brand by bethanny putri
it's rather has a simple, chic yet stylish style
here's a preview for her latest collection

the coat is truly multifunctional!
bethanny herself showed to me whether she could use the coat as shorts, pants, skirts or even dress

guarantee high quality & affordable price, don't you think?

the shoes are lovely, yes? buy me a pair pleaseee!

so, grab them online now, or come to blogger yard sale 2 instead and purchase it offline!


Tuesday, November 16, 2010


7:24 PM 9


another tarki's event. yum yum. enjoy the pics ;)

cardigan- unbranded, top- vietnam, short pants- mangdu, tights- zara, shawl- cotton ink, old black flats- marie claire


Saturday, November 13, 2010

150th post- life we live

11:19 PM 4
it's pretty random, i don't really know what to write.
i just wanna write while i knw i can't even put my mind into sentences.

sometimes times like this passed by
a time for self-reflection, where i saw myself in bubbles, and thought, i want to know her more
thus, i pity the way i looked her
she used to be so strong n brave, and now, she seems so fragile

oh well, figures,
pebbles around her journey are teaching her to grow up
they've been around trying to stop her, but hey, life must go on

right, when i'm awake i remembered
choosing the right path isn't as easy as tossing coin
but believing in each of the way God has given to me
is much more reliable than anything
i know God has His best plans for me

therefore, if any of my church fella stop by at my blog,
join me in finding the truth about life and how to live it.

GKI PI proudly present,
Life We Live,

i don't really know how did I turn out to promote the year-end closing event of my church. that's where God leads me, eh?

cheers & have a blessed day, peeps!


Friday, November 12, 2010

a ver y bright day

1:37 PM 10
the sun is shining so bright. i dont even recognize the rain starts to fall down slowly.

hat- bali, golden top- zara, skirt- bought at exhibition, authentic snake skin bag- bought directly from the producer, necklace- india, salem heels- marie claire


Sunday, November 7, 2010

happy sunday!

8:46 PM 10

so, here are the two pics i love the most ;)
anyway, HAPPY SUNDAY! and GBU ALL :D


Friday, November 5, 2010

treasure hunt

9:44 PM 9
remember blogger yard sale?
even though i pretty much selling stuffs, i did buy some things as well.
enjoy the pics, peeps ;)

leaving two most-fav pics for tomorrow ;)
stay tune, lovers!