time flies, eh?

goodbye holiday, hello monash college...
it's getting tough, but wht to say?
i need to concentrate more, ckck.
and... i'm leaving on february. so soon, eh?

black tanktop- mango, golden top- zara, stripes blazer- mom's, pencil skirt- proud parents, bag- mango, flats- steve madden



Sarah Whitney said…
These photos are super cute!
ching said…
you look great!
nice style...

gimana,,blogger meet up nya??seru ya...huhuhuuhuh..sedih ga bisa datang...
vdcouture said…
kamu ke aussie ya tob? loving this look especially your skirt the most!! envy you bangettt i hate my senior high school life i wish i can go to college or univ as soon as i can :)

stylefrontier said…
great outfit!
loving the 1st photo so much
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