Wednesday, October 20, 2010

come find me

stripes top- gap, shorts- bandung, blazer- mom's, heels- zara

counting days left...



Lia Waroka Putri said...

I love everything in those pics! Pretty :D barbiejunk

ailovesamore said...

love the heels :))


Diva Putri said...

cute dear!
love your mom' blazer :)
wanna follow each other? :D


Rebecca Clairine said...

thx for ur sweet comment ,

cool outfit !
i love the jacket <3

by the way , re u schooling at monash aussie ? what the academic field do you get ? :D

check my newest post,

Anonymous said...

kamu beda bgt sartob.cantikkk :))
love your blazer

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

i like your blazzer...

dotie said...

your mom's blazer looks amazing...what a steal :)

eclectic du jour

Ariyani Sukma said...

love ur blazer sar, nice pict

sartob, si tobing, tobbily said...

thanks all for your comments! i'm answering all of the questions directly into your blogs :)


LhaLa said...

sarrr love this shot! I've been trying to follow your blog these few days yet my internet connection always drive me nutsss