so, who's gonna celebrate this year's halloween?
or who has celebrated it?
what's the exact date of halloween anyway? i've got no idea.

soooo, i'm planning to join halloween party this saturday with my mates, but i haven't got any idea who or wht i'm gonna be...
i thought about being a nurse, but duh, so lame yeah?
so, i was browsing some pics and help me to choose, yes yes yes? ;)

AMY WINEHOUSE! i heart her hair-do! and of course... her tattoo!

CAT, always cute & wild. raaawrness

i can be anything i want! but, it's a bit too ambiguous, eh?

well, what do ya all think?



Becky Tjandera said…
Amy Winehouse ! :D It's October 31st anyway haha
Brenda evans said…
agree! amyy :D

thx 4 ur comment :)
check out my new post
Noelia said…
Amy! Later I want to see photos :)
vdcouture said…
nice photos tob :) looking forward for your pictures at the party!

Diva Zhu said…
Happy halloween dear! :)
I didnt go anywhere this halloween huhu

my halloween was so boring 'cause i didn't celebrate it! ahaha check my new post :)

♥ Selvi,
Ariyani Sukma said…
Wow! Sound interesting!
Aku belum pernah haloween party apalagi pake costum.
Hihihihi amy winehouse looks great sar ! :))
Anonymous said…
I had a party at mine and tried to make everything medically themed so I went as a nurse but my guesnt came early so i didnt get to dress up scary, or so i thought untill sone of my guests said i looked like any minehouse. enough said

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