goodbye tashi

she's one hell fab bitch and she's moving to portland.

it's just too bad. she could just go to monash instead, but things got complicated & hell, she moved.
well, a few recap for her then...

photoshoot with Tirza Roemokoy
Tirza's like effin' pretty, cute & damn kind. i'm so glad tht i could help her in styling and directing a bit.
she's also one of the contributors in True Love Stories' twitter a/c
& yes, she does a few high end modelling
pretty cool, ryte?

me & tashi after the photoshoot

well, she seriously got some talent. i do have her other photoworks, but it's better to see by yourself through here

and, lastly...
her farewell

omg, Tashi's friggin TALL!



Unknown said…
hei thanks for your sweet comment, I hope can join the meet up, i'll catch you up trough twitter, I've followed your twitter, follow me back if you dont mind :)

there is an award for u
check on it
t a l i s h a said…
i'd love to, but i'm stuck in LA dear.. (: cute photos btw, your friend is really tall!

have a good day..
Diva Zhu said…
aaa love your dress! the fabric is velvet, isnt it?

Susan Angelia said…
thank you for your comment, hopefully I can join the meet up y :D
you girls look beautiful!
Tara said…
nice it !!!

check my new blog post " Denimology " and leave ur comment.
ching said…
everyone is looking great and wonderful. :D
GabrielaBertha said…
you seemed have a wonderful day with your friends!

leave your comment on my really first fashion post if you don't mind.

Your friend is so pretty and you girls look so adorable together! I hope she had a safe trip. :)

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