crappy days

i feel like crap these days,
i've been hanging out a lot, may be too much, but it's holiday time, dude.
well, honestly, i didn't exactly have much things to do
but, i'm not the type who likes to sit the whole day at home
it totally bores me, but sometimes, i can do nothing about it.
so, i spent my time visiting malls, with different people each day.
not so fun, um... well, it's worth it lah instead of staying at my stupid crib

oh geez, stop blabbering tob

anyway, for those who's still wondering about the bloggers meet up,
check my previous post for more info

wearing: dress- gift/ bangles- gift & bali/ bag- zara/ wood necklace- india/ latex jacket- zara

the only one


Shirley said…
hi, it seems like the bloggers meet up will be fun, but I dont think I can join though, because my location is in Denpasar.

Btw, I love your plaid dress!
Ancilla said…
hi, thanks for stopping by,
by the way, who does arrange the blogger meet up?
well, really want to join, but no one i know in real there, so i might be alone. haha.
i don't know. hope i have time tomorrow. really want meet you guys....

p.s : you look adorable in that dress
Little Bo Peeep said…
Your patterned dress is gorgeous!! and i agree about the whole staying in when it's the holiday because it KILLS. Oh we live in Melbourne :)

ria said…
i love your adorable dress! :)
stylefrontier said…
such a cute outfit!
eh you know Tirza as well?
how do you know her ? lol
Diva Zhu said…
love your jacket! :)

Noelia said…
Oh, your photos are super cute, love it!
Wynne Prasetyo said…
love how you styled the otherwise plain dress!
love the dress :)

hey wanna follow each other and exchange link ?

Nadia Kamballa said…
That's a really cute dress.. Great jacket, too!

Thanks for visiting my blog, btw. Check back sometimes :)

The November Girl
cute pattern of your dress..i like it

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