The blogger yard sale was a blast! the crowd was "wild" and pretty awesome!
and it was such a pleasure to work with the fabulous & talented bloggers.
in this rare opportunity, I got a chance to work directly with kak bethanny.
she's pretty cool & nice & I'm very thankful for the great time!
not to mention tht I'm very grateful for the buyers! and now, there's no much piled unused stuffs in my home.
yeeaaay, epic success! :D

it was located in mazee, FX:

with michelle

with mira

with kak bethanny


kak heidy's booth which located besides ours ;)

"ayo cek bon!"

the tenants (exclude mbak retail therapy)

sonia's booth

sonia & kak diana's. wow, hectic!

talkshow w/ girlfriend magz & kak diana

and the pics from other blogs:

taken from: Diary of: THE RIOTOUS BELLE

taken from: hot chocolate and mint

the crew
courtesy: hot chocolate and mint

courtesy: glisters and blisters



mirramie said…
thank you sar..
forgive me for the bad outfit hehe maklum dari kampus hehe.
grab it yaa

Diva Zhu said…
love your necklace dear! :D

ching said…
oh wowww. what a sale!
Diva Zhu said…
hey dear, wanna exchange link and follow each other?
can you put my link and follow me first? then i'll put your link too :D
Gilbert Ganda said…
hey sartob! thanks for your comment in my blog!
omg your booth and bethanny was fab! as you got so much vintage stuffs which are LOVE! I would love to go if you guys held another garage sale and if I got chance to go jakarta!

anyway do you mind to follow my blog/link? thankyou!
vdcouture said…
so fun!! wahhh sayang banget aku ga pergi tob :( kamu ikut jualan juga ? so fun fun fun, envy much!

you're all awesome! hope there would be other next sales =) barbiejunk
ailovesamore said…
it must be a cool event !!
adain lg yaaaa :D
*sayang bgtt ga bs dtg :DD
congrats for the event :))

Alviana Kalin said…
woot what a fun event!
Wynne Prasetyo said…
you must've had such a good time! :)
Edith said…
Looks amazing.

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