batik daaaaaaaay

batik kimono & snake skin clutch- mom's, tanktop- mango, necklace- jogja, shorts- mangdu, brown tights- zara, shoes- hongkong

never too late to say "HAIL BATIK!"



mirramie said…
must be glad wear batik on Indo batik day, too bad i didnt go out so i cnt wear mine.. hehe

ria said…
wohooo. nice batik shirt :)
Diva Zhu said…
gorgeous mix-match dear :)

ailovesamore said…
wow , it looks chic :))

love your shirt.

thanks for comment on my blog.
sebenarnya pingin banget ikut blogger meet up tapi aku lagi ga dijakarta :( maybe next time bisa ikut.

Story Of Che
Tiffany Wu said…
love the colors of your kimono!

Little Berries
inge luciana said…
your kimono batik looks so cute :)
we love batik!!

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fashion addict
Ariyani Sukma said…
ur kimono batik is totally gorgeous!
lve it :)
i cant wait to meet up with u hoho
strawberry and banana pancake
noura. said…
LOVE the kimono
Tiffany Wu said…
thanks for ur sweet comment!
Yeah believe or not, I learn it by myself, haha.
and honestly, I'm not joining to bloggers meet up but maybe I will :)
great batik pattern =) anyway what meetup, love?barbiejunk
Kalyana said…
yey happy belated batik day :)
i really want to join the bloggers meet up, but at that time, I will be having camping with my campus. do you mind to invite me again to the next bloogers meet up?
Anonymous said…
All hail batik! Love the print, ka tob! The outfit looks stunning ;D

Castor Pollux
Wynne Prasetyo said…
whoa, what a spirit for batik day! salute you dear! :)

the batik outerwear is so cool, although I don't really like the clutch being paired up with the whole outfit. but you still look uber cool!
yyyy said…
cute kimono! love the color :D
i love batik ! i hope our batik will never got claimed by other country anymore ;)

i love this batik style so funkie

What a pretty batik you wear! lovely lovely lovely :D

Little Bo Peeep said…
Gorgeous batik! you make the batik look so chich and different :) lurve!
Unknown said…
ohhh I love this outfit! :D
Jessica said…
very stylish in wearing batik!!!! :)
anw, i do really really wanna join the meet up, i even haven't join any!!! but too bad, i got this dancing pratice for my friend's brother's wedding :(
Shirley said…
great batik! love it so much!

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