Thursday, October 28, 2010


5:00 PM 8
so, who's gonna celebrate this year's halloween?
or who has celebrated it?
what's the exact date of halloween anyway? i've got no idea.

soooo, i'm planning to join halloween party this saturday with my mates, but i haven't got any idea who or wht i'm gonna be...
i thought about being a nurse, but duh, so lame yeah?
so, i was browsing some pics and help me to choose, yes yes yes? ;)

AMY WINEHOUSE! i heart her hair-do! and of course... her tattoo!

CAT, always cute & wild. raaawrness

i can be anything i want! but, it's a bit too ambiguous, eh?

well, what do ya all think?


Monday, October 25, 2010


5:56 PM 11

The blogger yard sale was a blast! the crowd was "wild" and pretty awesome!
and it was such a pleasure to work with the fabulous & talented bloggers.
in this rare opportunity, I got a chance to work directly with kak bethanny.
she's pretty cool & nice & I'm very thankful for the great time!
not to mention tht I'm very grateful for the buyers! and now, there's no much piled unused stuffs in my home.
yeeaaay, epic success! :D

it was located in mazee, FX:

with michelle

with mira

with kak bethanny


kak heidy's booth which located besides ours ;)

"ayo cek bon!"

the tenants (exclude mbak retail therapy)

sonia's booth

sonia & kak diana's. wow, hectic!

talkshow w/ girlfriend magz & kak diana

and the pics from other blogs:

taken from: Diary of: THE RIOTOUS BELLE

taken from: hot chocolate and mint

the crew
courtesy: hot chocolate and mint

courtesy: glisters and blisters


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

come find me

4:37 PM 10

stripes top- gap, shorts- bandung, blazer- mom's, heels- zara

counting days left...


Monday, October 18, 2010

time flies, eh?

10:04 PM 6
goodbye holiday, hello monash college...
it's getting tough, but wht to say?
i need to concentrate more, ckck.
and... i'm leaving on february. so soon, eh?

black tanktop- mango, golden top- zara, stripes blazer- mom's, pencil skirt- proud parents, bag- mango, flats- steve madden


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

crappy days

9:22 PM 12
i feel like crap these days,
i've been hanging out a lot, may be too much, but it's holiday time, dude.
well, honestly, i didn't exactly have much things to do
but, i'm not the type who likes to sit the whole day at home
it totally bores me, but sometimes, i can do nothing about it.
so, i spent my time visiting malls, with different people each day.
not so fun, um... well, it's worth it lah instead of staying at my stupid crib

oh geez, stop blabbering tob

anyway, for those who's still wondering about the bloggers meet up,
check my previous post for more info

wearing: dress- gift/ bangles- gift & bali/ bag- zara/ wood necklace- india/ latex jacket- zara

the only one

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

another day in fantasyland

7:20 PM 2

heyho guys! fashion bloggers meet up nya bentar lagi loooh!
gak sabar gak sabar gak sabaaar :p

anyway, buat yg belom tau, infonya:

this saturday, 16 october 2010
4 pm onwards
at pancious, plaza indonesia
dresscode: COLOURFUL!

unfortunately, pancious itu gak bisa di reserve kalo hr sabtu, jadinya, siapa yg cepet dateng, dia yg bisa ikutan. jadi kalo telat, tanggung resiko gak dapet kursi ya guys :)

kalo mau tanya2 add pin gw aja ato sms gw di contact number di atas
see you guys soon!


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

batik daaaaaaaay

9:41 PM 21

batik kimono & snake skin clutch- mom's, tanktop- mango, necklace- jogja, shorts- mangdu, brown tights- zara, shoes- hongkong

never too late to say "HAIL BATIK!"


Sunday, October 3, 2010

goodbye tashi

10:39 PM 10
she's one hell fab bitch and she's moving to portland.

it's just too bad. she could just go to monash instead, but things got complicated & hell, she moved.
well, a few recap for her then...

photoshoot with Tirza Roemokoy
Tirza's like effin' pretty, cute & damn kind. i'm so glad tht i could help her in styling and directing a bit.
she's also one of the contributors in True Love Stories' twitter a/c
& yes, she does a few high end modelling
pretty cool, ryte?

me & tashi after the photoshoot

well, she seriously got some talent. i do have her other photoworks, but it's better to see by yourself through here

and, lastly...
her farewell

omg, Tashi's friggin TALL!