flowery dress- mangdu, leather jacket- zara, heels- zara, bag- hermes

soooo, some of you might have heard about the next bloggers meet up "Another Day In Fantasyland".
yes, me and nitya are arranging another one, as we've missed our girlfriends & boyfies we met in the last meet up :)

in the previous post, i've tagged a picture which works as an invitation for you guys :) it's way simpler and easier to give out, eh?
oh, pls notice that this meet up is open for EVERYONE. so, don't hesitate to come and join us (but again, reservation is needed)

so, whether you're joining or not, pls help us to spread the news by re-post the pic in your blog. of course, it will be highly appreciated :)

well, that's all then, cheers!


Unknown said…
i always love leather jacket on floral dress. It's very pretty!
ching said…
that's a kick ass jacket!
mirramie said…
heii girls.. hehe
i'm in the meet up and do not worry i'll spread the meet up, kay?

nice blog, oya i've linked u
Unknown said…
lovely dress! :)
check on my new post, I've spread the meet-up. hope we'll meet at there ;)

t a l i s h a said…
heart the floral dress.. :) your jacket is awesome too!

Diva Zhu said…
nice outfit dear! :)

smooch, diva
leather jacket is always looks cool ,
me likey :)

check my newest post,
ailovesamore said…
hay thank you for leaving a comment ar my blog :))

awesome jacket dear :))

btw , bout the meeting up , maybe i can't join :(( but thank you for the invitation :))

following you now :) wanna follow me back ?? thank you :))

too bad i cant come:(
well,have fun
and dont forget to show me the picts
Vinda Sonata said…
nice style :)

thank u untuk info blogger meet-upnya yaa.

exchange links?
vdcouture said…
super cool <3 baru liad ur blog sayang uber cool leather jacket and i totally love the look!! can't wait for the meetup!!

Ariyani Sukma said…
Hi sartob :))
I really want to join meet up next week I will confirmation later :)
Cutey blue dress I love the color.
Btw wanna swap link?

Strawberry and banana pancake
Unknown said…
You are so cute! Love the floral with the leather.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!
Becky Tjandera said…
Such a lovely dress ! :) Hope I can join the meet-up !
sartob said…
thanks all for the comments ;)

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