drop by to say a quick hello

yes, i've skipped a month, and a half, perhaps?
i simply apologize for this annoying habit of mine. laziness.
and no no, i am busy as well.
not trying to be arrogant or what, but seriously, college is totally killing me.
especially, i have a heavier load to carry, which
" i must get average 70 or higher marks to go to clayton--> the most difficult campus to get in, but my major can be only taken there, so yeah, go to hell"

so, i have tons of stories to spill, but, i have this friggin' exams coming. so, i'd better get my ass off and study better, right?

anyway, i'm now proudly announced, I AM 17 NOW! great, eh? but i'm somehow missing the year of sixteen. labil days... err...

well, gonna tell ya more later, kay



spoilers *gaya abis cooy :p

this one's taken by one of my fav's photographer,
andre -- gonna link him soon :)


vdcouture said…
awesome!! happy birthday sayang, upload foto yang lain dong!! super cool i love your dress and the last picture, super cool <3


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