Thursday, September 30, 2010


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flowery dress- mangdu, leather jacket- zara, heels- zara, bag- hermes

soooo, some of you might have heard about the next bloggers meet up "Another Day In Fantasyland".
yes, me and nitya are arranging another one, as we've missed our girlfriends & boyfies we met in the last meet up :)

in the previous post, i've tagged a picture which works as an invitation for you guys :) it's way simpler and easier to give out, eh?
oh, pls notice that this meet up is open for EVERYONE. so, don't hesitate to come and join us (but again, reservation is needed)

so, whether you're joining or not, pls help us to spread the news by re-post the pic in your blog. of course, it will be highly appreciated :)

well, that's all then, cheers!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

next blogger meet up

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same rule, same game, but we need more players...
come and join us in the next blogger meet up!
help us spreading the news, loves :)

please do reserve for your seat, contact numbers are provided below :)
more information will be added soon


is it goodbye?

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if once say goodbye,
will you vanish from my sight?
and shatter into dust we've talked about?
if another hello will never be the same,
then will you be stranger?
leaving our memories behind?
so, now,
what are you gonna do?
are you leaving me
in the dark i've always afraid of?
or trying to suffocate me
with your poisonous words?
or else,
it might be simple, but again,
it's just not the right ending.
tell me,
is it goodbye?


only i by cindy

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courtesy: --> CLICK AND VISIT!

i've been admiring this brand since the very first start.
when i saw her products, i was like, damn, she's effin' smart & creative.
she used to concern with vintage renewal stuffs and, they're all like amazing.
unfortunately, most of them sold very fast & exclusively made for 1 only.
i was never lucky enough to purchase one tho :(
maybe sometime later. i will and i must!

anyway, who's the girl behind all of this?

she was truly an inspiration.
besides creating epic goodies, she arranged songs & designs as well.
she also has a very distinctive yet cool style.
oh gosh, i loooveee her so much!
i really wish i could get a chance to see her in real life ;)


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

drop by to say a quick hello

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yes, i've skipped a month, and a half, perhaps?
i simply apologize for this annoying habit of mine. laziness.
and no no, i am busy as well.
not trying to be arrogant or what, but seriously, college is totally killing me.
especially, i have a heavier load to carry, which
" i must get average 70 or higher marks to go to clayton--> the most difficult campus to get in, but my major can be only taken there, so yeah, go to hell"

so, i have tons of stories to spill, but, i have this friggin' exams coming. so, i'd better get my ass off and study better, right?

anyway, i'm now proudly announced, I AM 17 NOW! great, eh? but i'm somehow missing the year of sixteen. labil days... err...

well, gonna tell ya more later, kay



spoilers *gaya abis cooy :p

this one's taken by one of my fav's photographer,
andre -- gonna link him soon :)