new step

-i really don't know how to start, so let's just begin with a wow.

actually, i've been wow-ing my life for a while now.
i felt like, i was just moving into a new stage, new step ahead.

it's simply because i'm stepping the year of 17.
not yet, though.
but still, as the time ticks, reaching the day, i felt older & older.

so, two days passed, and i've entered a new circle of life.
it wasn't very shocking, to be honest.
but, hell, there're tons of new people who're standing along the line & they seem ready to run all together.
the thing is, i'm afraid to fall & left behind.
terrified. really.

and my life goes on after that.
we ran together & questioning our future.

this time i felt that i need to be wiser, acting like a true adult.
but, wait.
i still want to enjoy my teen life.
why should i grow faster than any other teenagers?
can i just stay being myself?

at the end, i got my point.
yes, i'm changing.
finding my true self.
let's destiny flow with my feet.
and surprise me every second i have.

enough with the mellow thoughts,
let's see the old pics of mine.
i've been wanting to post them, but i kept forgetting, so here they are.
anyway, i miss my long hair uuu :(



stylefrontier said…
it's okay
i believe you will enjoy your uni life later :)
cute photos dear

follow my blog if you like
little miss fhenny

aisaicha said…
college life is sooooo good. eventho it can't beat hi school times. btw ke brightspot bareeeeeng yuk :) kabar2an via bbm ya hehe :D
vdcouture said…
lucu super!! me likeyy
i just gave u an award.check my blog pls:)
cute pics n glasses

visit my blog:

i give u an award..
check my new post via this link

dont forget to post it soon..
I love the third picture, great look combined with a great smile! ;)

ninit said…
Sukaa kacamata nya!
Semoga sukses ya Sar kuliahnya :)
sartob said…
fhen: thank you :)
aisaicha: bsm brg seruuu! lo plg duluan sih hahah
vdcouture: aw thanks sayang :D
chie: thanks dear, i'll check it asap
cihud: aw thanks hehe
dorothy: thankss
lia: thanks a lot :)
nitya: haha thanks nityaa :D
Anonymous said…
It's a nice blog and nice outfit :)
Here, I'm waiting for your next posts!

I've already following you ♥

Pinkie Angia


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