feeling so romantic and gay

this post has nothing to do with fashion.
it's a bit random actually
skip it if you're not interested :)

i don't know why, but i was feeling kinda gay yesterday.
i was about to sleep and turn off my tv
suddenly, a romantic scene appeared and i felt pretty excited watching the two lovely "birds" are about to kiss.
it was such a nice & touchy moment as the guy was gonna die.
and, since then, i'm feeling kinda blue-ish romantic.
weird huh?

so, if you followed my twitter (@sartob)
you'll realize that i'm writing such craps love quotes recently
and i'm gonna post it here :p

it started with...

1. i want this to last forever. like forever ever. but i know it won't. that's why i'm gonna treasure every seconds i have with you

2. love is not blind. if it is, we can't see how beautiful love actually is

3. you don't have to be a superhero to feel special. fall in love. and you'll be special by itself

4. love isn't cheap nor expensive. it's priceless

5. i'm too blind and not ready for the future. will i be able to take a further step and follow the questionable path?

6. love isn't just made up of 4 ordinary letters. it's made up of trust, care & faithfulness

7. love is fragile. then, you have to be very careful, or it will break you apart

8. i wanna be your first & last. and i want to be yours forever

9. no. i don't wanna be yours. i want YOU to be mine

10. love is your best mate. it grows old with you and simply die with you

11. love can't be measured as tangible nor intangible things. it's a true feeling. you can't evaluate it

12. when i know you're the one. my smile is only belong to you :)

13. i personally don't believe in tears of happiness. it's just an illusion of lie who tries to hide your sadness

14. if i live in the other dimension, i wish i'd be your shadow. at least i'll be with you forever

15. i wish i was designed for you, with you, and to you

AND that's it. i just need a day to make these tweets.
i know they sound so cheesy but, it's the beautiful side of being in love, right? :p

sorry for a lot of grammatical errors.
and limited vocabulary.
hehehe. feel free to correct any of my mistakes :)

cheers, sartob


really2 nice quotes
i'm a fan of any love quotes
that's why i always post love quotes

stop by sometimes:)

vdcouture said…
wow nice quotes, and i really love that pictures <3

stylefrontier said…
this post is so melancholic :)
fall in love sar?
gudlak for your love life
ria said…
nice quote! :)
first picture really cool, and i love the quatation ^^

tks for leave comment in my blog, i have become one of ur follower now :)
don't forget to follow me back yc..


hug and kiss^^

PS : check out my new post, hope u like it
Stevia said…
they're not crappy quotes
more like awesome!
totally love no 4
so short but so right

thank you so much for visiting! :)

come back soon

The Sweetest Escape
Anonymous said…
cieeee, sartob bijak nih ;) those are some cool photos!

Castor Pollux
Unknown said…
love the post :)

Anonymous said…
holla! whaaa nice love quotes!
lagi berbunga2 yah, dear? hehehe
re: itu kalung beli di bsm, nikicionya online hehehehe :))
have a great day!
sartob said…
chie suci utami apsari: hahahah nice then :) sure i will :)

vdcouture: thanks a looooot dear :)

fhen: hahaha yeah

shinta: bgtlah hahaha thx :D

ria: thanks a lot dear :)

arini: aww thanks :) sure, will do!

stevia:aaaaaaaaaw thanks!!!

castor pollux: HAHAHA bijak :p gak jg sihh uuu :p thx dear!

nathalie: thanks dear :)

michelle: thx!

lalita: ooo icic okedeh! aaw thanks! you too! ;D
they are great. i love ur last quotes best!

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