catch me if you can

I AM SO SORRY for...
1. not updating for a long time
2. not replying any of your comments
3. not taking any of your awards
4. not doing much blogwalking
5. not replying any shouts
6. and for the other not(s).


oh well, i've been busy w/ school, church & simply life.
you knw, monash is trying to kill me slowly, partly, and it's torturing.
my assignments are piled up & i haven't touched any of those, unless it's due tomorrow.
it's sickening.
and i'm not gonna blame my church for giving me a lot of tasks, but it's my fault for accepting them without considering my schedule.
so, in conclusion, i'm busy. and tired.
OH and this 17th birthday is coming up & i need a lot of things to prepare.

there's no much photos to share, this is like the only outfit i could get a chance to be photographed.

unknown distro crop t-shirt, cotton-on tanktop/dress, jogja necklace, steve madden flats

again, feel free to comment anything (like really anything :)), guys!



vdcouture said…
sartob you look lovely sayang :D cute skirt :) really fits you!

nice outfit
Unknown said…
i like the skirt!! *or it should be a dress?*..the color and pattern are lovely :)
Anonymous said…
wuah bntr lg birthday ya,.. :)
segoa sukses. cute floral skirt.
sartob said…
vdcouture: thx saaay :):)
chie: thx!
fila: thanks kak. haha it's actually a top but it's kinda long hehe
joy & amore: haha iya kak. thx :)
ria said…
love the skirt sis!!! :))
Becky Tjandera said…
You look so lovely ! Love the shirt and dress ;)

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kalungnya lucu banget...hehe
love your flats dear.. and thanks for the comment :)
Zabrinah said…
Great outfit!

You look magnificently adorable!

Best wishes from one blogger to another,

so do i love you skirt :)
sartob said…
ria: thx dear :)
becky: thxxx
blackandwhiteladies: aw thanks!
turqoise and lily: your welcome & thx too!
zabrinah: thanks!
shinta: thanks shin! kt kpn meet up lg :)
cotton candy: thanks love :)
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