Wednesday, July 28, 2010

feeling so romantic and gay

3:08 PM 13

this post has nothing to do with fashion.
it's a bit random actually
skip it if you're not interested :)

i don't know why, but i was feeling kinda gay yesterday.
i was about to sleep and turn off my tv
suddenly, a romantic scene appeared and i felt pretty excited watching the two lovely "birds" are about to kiss.
it was such a nice & touchy moment as the guy was gonna die.
and, since then, i'm feeling kinda blue-ish romantic.
weird huh?

so, if you followed my twitter (@sartob)
you'll realize that i'm writing such craps love quotes recently
and i'm gonna post it here :p

it started with...

1. i want this to last forever. like forever ever. but i know it won't. that's why i'm gonna treasure every seconds i have with you

2. love is not blind. if it is, we can't see how beautiful love actually is

3. you don't have to be a superhero to feel special. fall in love. and you'll be special by itself

4. love isn't cheap nor expensive. it's priceless

5. i'm too blind and not ready for the future. will i be able to take a further step and follow the questionable path?

6. love isn't just made up of 4 ordinary letters. it's made up of trust, care & faithfulness

7. love is fragile. then, you have to be very careful, or it will break you apart

8. i wanna be your first & last. and i want to be yours forever

9. no. i don't wanna be yours. i want YOU to be mine

10. love is your best mate. it grows old with you and simply die with you

11. love can't be measured as tangible nor intangible things. it's a true feeling. you can't evaluate it

12. when i know you're the one. my smile is only belong to you :)

13. i personally don't believe in tears of happiness. it's just an illusion of lie who tries to hide your sadness

14. if i live in the other dimension, i wish i'd be your shadow. at least i'll be with you forever

15. i wish i was designed for you, with you, and to you

AND that's it. i just need a day to make these tweets.
i know they sound so cheesy but, it's the beautiful side of being in love, right? :p

sorry for a lot of grammatical errors.
and limited vocabulary.
hehehe. feel free to correct any of my mistakes :)

cheers, sartob

Sunday, July 25, 2010

catch me if you can

6:20 PM 14
I AM SO SORRY for...
1. not updating for a long time
2. not replying any of your comments
3. not taking any of your awards
4. not doing much blogwalking
5. not replying any shouts
6. and for the other not(s).


oh well, i've been busy w/ school, church & simply life.
you knw, monash is trying to kill me slowly, partly, and it's torturing.
my assignments are piled up & i haven't touched any of those, unless it's due tomorrow.
it's sickening.
and i'm not gonna blame my church for giving me a lot of tasks, but it's my fault for accepting them without considering my schedule.
so, in conclusion, i'm busy. and tired.
OH and this 17th birthday is coming up & i need a lot of things to prepare.

there's no much photos to share, this is like the only outfit i could get a chance to be photographed.

unknown distro crop t-shirt, cotton-on tanktop/dress, jogja necklace, steve madden flats

again, feel free to comment anything (like really anything :)), guys!


Monday, July 19, 2010

my friends & i

7:05 PM 6
ICHA&ICHI's behind the scene photoshoot

me & natasha
world cup's bts photoshoot

my lovely bitches... i miss them so much :'(


Friday, July 16, 2010


8:27 PM 16
hey guys, sorry for being not active lately,
my schedule is totally killing me :(

i really have no story to tell,
so, i'm just gonna answer the questions that my lovely veve from vdcouture has tagged me :)

enjooooy :D

1. Did you ever had a secret crush on a tv actor/movie star?
hihi, yeah i had and most of my best friends knew about it :)

2. Is there a TV series you never miss a episode from?
hell yeah there is! i've always watched glee & um, i used to follow ugly betty, desperate housewives, 90210 & gossip girl. but then, i got bored :p *labil ya*

3. If you had to choose: A (love)relationship or two good girlfriends? (not both!;))

umm, i'd rather choose two good girlfriends :D

4. Do you have an addiction, something you can never resist? (like chocolate or shoes…)
yeah, like A LOT :) for fashion, i can't never get enough accessories. oh, and clothes! and shoes! and bags! hahaha, should i mention all of them? :p and for non-fashion item, i'd die for COMICS. really :p

5. Do you have a dream you try to chase in your life?
oh of course i do :) i wanna be succeed in everything i'll do in the future :)

6. Describe your ideal day. What would you do?
i must agree with veve. being happy all day long would be perfect :D

7. It’s Saturday night. You are: chilling on the sofa, watching television/movies and enjoying snacks OR going out to a hot club with your girlfriends, dancing like you had only one day to live?
i'm the outdoor type one. but, i'm not gonna go to a hot club or whatsoever. i'll choose to watch cinema w/ my loved ones or you knw, just catch things up :)

8. Which colour do you wear the most and is that colour telling something about your personality?
um, i personally love any colours and i pick different ones each day. actually, it's more like following my mood and it goes randomly hehe.

anndddd, gonna tag this to:
1. dorothy
2. regina
3. anita
4. sabila
5. fika
6. lalita

today's look:

wore: zara lacey top & jeans, jhcc ethnic necklace, mom's old cardigan & bag

sartob :)

ps. do you prefer my old font or this one?
please comment :)
thankies *smooch*

Monday, July 12, 2010

sweet lust

7:16 PM 9

AOD blazer sample, forever 21 tanktop, zara bag&jeans, pim necklace

i was busy doing assignments nowadays,
i'm so sorry if i haven't replied any of your comments
be patience, loves!


Wednesday, July 7, 2010


8:58 PM 7
before getting into the real topic, i'm gonna show you guys the awards that i've just received :)

special thanks to Dorothy & Laras who gave me this award:

so, here BSM day comes...

what i wore:
proud parents/AOD sample dress, zara skirt, charles & keith wedges, unbranded bag & shawl
the opening party invitation for the fab bloggers :)

with kak Heidy

with kak Diana & Fika

and the crowds

BSM was uber awesome...
more new cool brands, better environment, better products (oh of course) & everything was pretty well managed.

unfortunately, i didn't have much time to buy anything... the opening was so full-of-people. i can't barely see... um, anything.

gonna share you later...

and i was photographed for High End Teen magazine as well. gonna post the pics when it's published :)

ttyl sweethearts,

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


7:22 AM 8
i've been wondering, when will be the next brightspot, & Lord has answered my prayer :p

SOO, please welcome...

thie effin' cool event gonna take place at PLAZA INDONESIA EXTENSION!
and it opens to public: 9-11 July 2010

so, come & grab fast!
second chances don't apply here :p

aaaaaand, the good thing is,
i'm gonna join the opening party with other bloggers :)

and if you're joining as well, email me at
so i can arrange a little meet up


Saturday, July 3, 2010

new step

12:21 PM 11
-i really don't know how to start, so let's just begin with a wow.

actually, i've been wow-ing my life for a while now.
i felt like, i was just moving into a new stage, new step ahead.

it's simply because i'm stepping the year of 17.
not yet, though.
but still, as the time ticks, reaching the day, i felt older & older.

so, two days passed, and i've entered a new circle of life.
it wasn't very shocking, to be honest.
but, hell, there're tons of new people who're standing along the line & they seem ready to run all together.
the thing is, i'm afraid to fall & left behind.
terrified. really.

and my life goes on after that.
we ran together & questioning our future.

this time i felt that i need to be wiser, acting like a true adult.
but, wait.
i still want to enjoy my teen life.
why should i grow faster than any other teenagers?
can i just stay being myself?

at the end, i got my point.
yes, i'm changing.
finding my true self.
let's destiny flow with my feet.
and surprise me every second i have.

enough with the mellow thoughts,
let's see the old pics of mine.
i've been wanting to post them, but i kept forgetting, so here they are.
anyway, i miss my long hair uuu :(