wanted: INTERNSHIP! and blogger meet up

aaw, i want a job so badly!... ... ... um, well, not "that" badly actually.
i'm just pretty bored nowadays and really need to get some kickin' job
applied some places tho, but haven't received any good response.
does anyone have a suggestion? or help?!

well, anywaay, i've been reading this great book, TEEN VOGUE hand book
i've had this book for quite a long time, but i just didn't have the time to read it, like really read it. i tend to skim it all the way, and pretty much done.
so, i'm started to read it again, but then this ridiculous friend of mine borrowed it and haven't returned it back to me! urrgh...

top: bali, leather jacket: zara, shorties: billabong, bag: celine, heels: marie claire

top: body and soul, short jeans: dad's old stuffs :p, bag: urban twist

so and so,
back to the most discussed topic in the previous post.
i'm here to talk about the BLOGGER MEET UP!

it sounds exciting, isn't it? or am i the only one who's excited?
i've been wanting this to happen for, well, months?!
so, who's with me?

it's not yet confirmed though, but, we've chosen a date!
SATURDAY, 26th JUNE 2010
it's two weeks more, but you need to make a RSVP FROM NOW ON! :)
i'm afraid that the place is limited, so, please do make a reservation

how? simply by email NITYA, from strawberry giggles, your:

- Name
- Blog Address
- Your mobile phone number / Blackberry PIN*
- Your suggestion for the place
*= We won't publish your private information

to: nitya.krisnantari@yahoo.com

the place is um, again not yet confirmed -i am deeply sorry
but we're thinking about
STRAWBERRY CAFE (jl. Gandaria) or PANCIOUS (permata hijau)
we're thinking about lunch? around 1/2 pm? both of the place are pretty cozy, so let's just enjoy our afternoon together, eh?

as if, we've confirmed anything, i'll update in THIS POST (through comment, so pls check it often)
and nitya will confirm you directly if you've contacted her and made a reservation.

thank you tons for your attention
and have a good day!



i like ur outfit
btw,i just followed u
would u follow me back

visit and comments my latest post
thx dear

Anonymous said…
hei sweet,thank you for the comment. wow lovely the sweet color leather jacket.
check out my new post,and feel free for follow and link me
ninit said…
Agghhh, pinjem dong buku nyaaa :D
hahaha becanda kok..Udah lama pengen beli Teen Vogue Hand Book.

Yang baru kirim e-mail ke aku:
1. Suci Utami Apsari (a ribbon polka sthetoscope) Suggests Cafe Strawberry

2. Regina Stacia Abigail (Regina Coffee Shop) she invites Tysha Lukman, Dina from B'Girl, and Cindy from Only I

3. Mirra Apsari (Hide and Seek) suggest Kembang Goela or PEPeNERO
Alviana Kalin said…
well you could start by applying as a teacher. :) I had an internship when I was in high school back then (before I had my national exam) as an English teacher in an English course institution near my house. you gotta try that too! :D you said that you had apply a job, as what dear? :)
btw love the hat!
Alviana Kalin said…
btw, iyah aku temen smanya :) :)
Ah no I think ur name is s unique! :)
Well I'd inform u soon, cos Im still preparing for my nu school orientation dear ><

And I love the look dear! May we exchange link anyway?
Hilarius Jason said…
eeh maksud lo apaan ridiculous friend??
cotton candy said…
i love your street style, simple but cool!

follow balik aku yaa kak,
Veronica Anita said…
don't give up , there will be a job suitable for u :)

like your outfit :)

Successful Failure
heyy thanks for your comment and for the blogger meet up invitation, but i'm afraid i couldn't come. i'll be out of town on the end of june. sorry :(
by the way nice blazer
check out my latest post ya

Tara said…
hey i'm tara, i like ur blog :)
hhmm too bad you hvn't read it all:(
your heels and your leather jacket really match ! i love it so much:D

anyway is the blogger meet up need to be invited or we just submit ourself?

thanks dear :*

new post at:
sartob said…

and to reserve your place, contact nitya from strawberry giggles :)

the date and place is confirmed, which is:
(you can wear anything which reflects Indonesia, such as: batik, ethnic accessories, or wear red&white outfit is fine :))

anymore question? just comment here, kay

sartob said…
oh i forgot to mention:

time: 1 pm yaaaa ;)

hear from ya soon, peeps!
nisa said…
love the hat and ur outfit...very pretty :)
yeah yeah sar, quotes and the images are edited by moi hihihii
Unknown said…
aw too bad i will be out from town for a while that time :(
Unknown said…
i'd like to join and nitya has my bb pin already :)
Unknown said…
oh really? actually tarutung is pretty far from medan. it takes about 8 hours dear :)
Unknown said…
love the pics x
Anonymous said…
hi sartob,
I really wish I could join the meet up, so I will tell you later if I could make it or not okay :)
by the way, I love your bedroom!
I have that Teen Vogue Hand Book too and it is awesome girl!!
Yaary said…
im in love with the blazer beauty!
hi... just say cool stuff...
follow me back...

thanks dear

love your hat :)

Anonymous said…
awww what a nice shots :D
love your outfit
thanks for your sweet comment yaaa
luvely hat..i want it so badly

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