today, i went to raffles to ask for a recommendation letter mentioning about my ex-title, Event Organizer. it's for my lovely cv.
yes, i'm planning to work on this holiday, but then, where huh?
i've only got a month and most of the workplace opens part timer for min 3months time.
still thinking and would very appreciate if you kindly tell me any info about it :D

well, after that i went to jason's house and played PARAMPAA! it's a very clever (yet idiot) game. it's kinda confusing though, but we cheated along the way. still, we haven't gotten to finish the last level hahaha. very stupid, eh?

anyway, the pics of icha and ichi are ready, but i'm too lazy to post them today. tomorrow yea?
so, stay tune kay love?

err, again it's kinda stupid, i'm lazy to post icha and ichi pics but then i posted my pics.
duh, i'm so narcist. lol.
well, see you tomorrow then :)

lbd: zara, necklace: pim, (new-pamer) watch: fossil, glove: nike

i just realized that the last two pics are the same. err stupid but, well, there they are... umm...



Unknown said…
Hi, thanks for dropping by at my blog. you do have a great blog and also cool style. i love your little black dress! want to exchange link? :)

Flickering Moonlight
sartob said…
thanks for dropping on my blog too, dear
aaw thanks! you too!
sure2! is it ok to link you as edwina?
thx for ur sweet comment on my post :)

wanna exchange link or follow each other ? if u don't mind .

visit back anytime, :D
Lucia said…
nice outfit! I love your shoes haha

thanks for stopping by :)
follow my blog if you want to
Gita said…
hmmm...the combination of socks and oxford are perfect ;) love it so much dear....

Unknown said…
noo.. just link me as Flickering Moonlight. hihi. i've linked you dear.. :)
Adissa Mahani said…
~blog walking
thanks for ur comment on my blog :)
hey, i like playing Parampaa too!
sartob said…
rebecca: i've linked you dear :)

ms Gee: aww thanks a lot

edwina: i've linked you back! :D

adiss: hahaha yea parampaa is pretty fun, right? :p
yufitry said…
i love your blog.dear ..

anyway.pernah tnya cara bkin pita gede itu kan? itu bikinnya dr kertas kado,trs d bejek2 aj jadi kesannya ud lecek.trs d bikin pita kyk biasa.klo dress itu topshop.maap ya lama balesnya ..

i just follow your blog.if you don't mind,you can follow back my blog..
thanks :)

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