another boring day, and i must admit that i miss college days.
well, i've still got 27 days of holiday and technically don't know what should i do.

i really wanna meet up my old friends and catch things up, but, they're kinda busy, so we need to arrange some time.
and my raffles' friends are mostly leaving to singapore for their uni :'( uuu~ gonna miss them a lot!

what about you guys?
what are you gonna do on this holiday?

oh anyway, wanna meet up with fellow bloggers?
that would be fun, yea?
contact me anytime, love.
i'll talk to kak nitya and we'll arrange everything, righty kak? :p

scarf: cotton ink, skirt worn as tube dress: noir sur blanc, necklace: pim, bag: louis vitton, wedges: everbest

hear from ya soon!



Unknown said…
VeRy HeLPFuL baNGET yiAa si COTtoN iNK kaMuuu itUu..
aPapuN GayA-nYa biSa dipaKe tuuHh SYaL daRi COTtoN iNK..

VisiT Me:
Anonymous said…
cotton ink can wear in any style.that to buy one for me la.hehe.
and your outfit,i like girl.^_^

wish u guys can manage well for the blogger meetup! :)

**thanks for stop and comment on my blog..

ninit said…
Yeah, we'll arrange blogger meet up!

I will post about this as soon as possible.

Strawberry Giggles
sartob said…
aldo: iya, jadi serba guna bgt gt :)

shatirah: thanks a lot, dear. oh, sure! you wanna join?

nitya: alright, i'll do some blogwalking and invite them :)
done ! :)
i've linked u back, dear .

keep update,
Tiffany Wu said…
thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!
cute outfit!

with LOVE
inge luciana said…
The scarf is so cute. nice dress.. ^^
You're lucky that you have a long holiday, I have to study extremely hard for my final exam..
Shopping is the best for killing boredom.. =)

hey I love your look, so unique! And you hv a really unique name ;)

I hv checked her blog out, will u inform me for more?
PS May I link u? Feel free to check my latest post ;)

Michelle said…
i love how u put on that scarf :]
Unknown said…
hei.. i've linked you on my blog. check it at my right sidebar. wow. interesting. so you guys wanna arrange bloggers meet up? when?

Flickering Moonlight
S.Elisabeth said…
This is super cute! And I'm working and swimming all summer, so I have a feeling it'll pass by fast!
And a blogger meet up always sounded fun to me, but I have a feeling we're a tad to far a part geographically for that to happen!
sartob said…
rebecca: aw sure bec, i'll check ur blog often :)

tiffany: aw thanks to you too :D

inge: thanks a lot inge :) and good luck for your exam too! yeah agree, i love to shop too

lia: thanks lia :) haha, my name is kinda weird, eh? :p it's the short for sara tobing actually. oh alright, i will update it asap, dear. just stay tuned and give your contact number to nitya :) ooh sure, thanks anyway, i'll link you back :D

michelle: thanks chel :D

edwina: alright, will do :) yeah we are, we're not really sure yet, kayaknya sih SATURDAY, 26th june, tp kt mgkn ganti lg krn mau nyocokin jadwalnya kak diana rikasari jg hehe :) so, are you joining?

s.elisabeth: aaw thanks a lot dear. oh well, yeah, i hope you can join the blogger meet up, but i understand, you must live waaaay apart from me, eh? where do you live exactly?
Anonymous said…
hey dear,thank you for the comment on my blog, maybe on my previous post.haha *forgot*
btw,nice outfit and love the
Anonymous said…
hi dear thanks for your sweet comment :D
i love your outfit. nice piece of cotton ink btw :)
re: emang kapan meetupnya? hehe
thx for stepping by
yeah i did
i sent her an email.and she already sent me a message
so now,i'm just waiting for further information&updates

kasih tau ya kesimpulannya gmn nnt:)
follow balik aku:)
Such adorable photos -- so much life in them!

And I love how your shirt matches your glasses. Don't know if it was intended, but it's ADORABLE.

Thanks so much for stopping by!
michelle_ said…
that's a very nice cottonink scarf !
2 more days to enter my We Love Colors tights giveaway
inge luciana said…
Thanks for the invitation. I'm so glad! ^^ But I think, I can't because I have a lot of things to do on holiday..
Sorry before :(
heyy nice bag and scarf!!
cotton ink rocks!! <3
thanks for your comment
check out my latest post ya

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Unknown said…
I'd really love to. But it seems i won't make it. In fact i'm now studying at Semarang and the exams still will be held on July. Huhu. Hope i can join the next meet up. :)

Flickering Moonlight
stylefrontier said…
that's an adorable outfit
yay for cotton ink!

Alviana Kalin said…
dia temenku di sekolah dear..:)
lu temennya di monash yah? hihi
cool outfit!
have a nice weekend :)
Unknown said…
oh thanks for ur lovely comment! it really means a lot :)
it's actually a local market in medan dear. yeah they have such pretty cool stuffs there! :3
Shia-Shia said…
super cute syal from cotton ink...can wear it many many style yea...

sartob said…
anita: oh well your welcome, dear. thanks too

lalita: thankyou right back! tgl 26 juni :) will you come?

suci: okedeh, i'll confirm things up n tell you soon!

lexy: aw thanks lex :)

michelle: thanks chel :D

inge: ooh that's too bad, maybe next time?

nathalie: aw yeah thanks. i do agree with you, cotton ink is definitely rocking! :p

edwina: oh well that's too bad. sure2 next time, kay? good luck with everything anyway :)

fhen: thankyouuu

alviana: iyaaa hehehe

alexandra: thanks sweetie

steffi: your welcome :) oh wow, awesome!

shia-shia: thanks, dear. yeah so true! :)

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