Tuesday, June 29, 2010

proud to be indonesian

9:04 PM 8
finally! eh, kan judulnya "proud to be indonesian" nih, jadi gue juga hrs ngomong layaknya seorang WNI yg bersahaja *halah*


abis nge plan & pusing sana sini sama nitya, jadilah juga sebuah pertemuan para blogger.
awalnya gue rada rancu bikin acara ini, soalnya gue gak ngerti apa2 & gak ada kenalan blogger di kehidupan nyata. alhasil, dgn perbincangan yg cukup bnyk, jadilah juga BLOGGERS MEET UP ini :)

event organizers:
bunda nitya!
& sartob yg hanya membantu ece-ece :p / dayang2 kali ya boo


kiri ke kanan: luthfi, reevo, gw, deryn, regina, veve, nitya, caroline, icha, shinta
bawah: selly, audrey, titaz, patricia, wuri

sebenernya masih ada berjuta foto lg, tp mata udh kelap kelip nyuruh tidur, kebetulan esok subuh eke mw nntn bola, jd segini dulu deh yaa

fyi, msh ada berjibun foto lg yg udh di post sm tmn2 bloggers yg dtg. cek blog mrk satu2 ya guys!
INGET LOH satu2! :p

nitya, aisa/icha, gaby/audrey, deryn, caroline & patricia, victoria/veve, regina, luthfi, reevo, selly, titaz, shinta, wuri


Wednesday, June 23, 2010


9:17 AM 5

wow, i'm so excited! Nitya from strawberry giggles just brought a very good news to share!
you know, we've been wondering, when & where & what time to hold this blogger meet up n now, we've gone down to a fix answer:

When: Saturday, June 26th 2010, at 3 pm
Where: Pandan Village, Plaza Indonesia 3rd Floor
Dresscode: Proud to be Indonesian

you'll be super SHOCK, because things turn out to be more interesting!
if there're/more than 20 people who'll come, SUPERFASHIONME is going to give 2 vouchers to 2 lucky winners!

AND... Diana Rikasari has confirmed to come & join us! wuoo, isn't it a blast?

so, what are you waiting for? come & join us by simply email your:

- Name
- Blog Address
- Your mobile phone number / Blackberry PIN*
*=We won't publish your private information
to nitya.krisnantari@yahoo.com

any inquiries? comment here! :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Chronique de Venus & Yin Yang

11:39 AM 20
the photos of Icha & Ichi are finally done,
enjoy and feel free to comment, loves :)

Chronique de Venus

Yin Yang

just click on the picture for larger scale ;)


Monday, June 7, 2010

wanted: INTERNSHIP! and blogger meet up

10:13 PM 26
aaw, i want a job so badly!... ... ... um, well, not "that" badly actually.
i'm just pretty bored nowadays and really need to get some kickin' job
applied some places tho, but haven't received any good response.
does anyone have a suggestion? or help?!

well, anywaay, i've been reading this great book, TEEN VOGUE hand book
i've had this book for quite a long time, but i just didn't have the time to read it, like really read it. i tend to skim it all the way, and pretty much done.
so, i'm started to read it again, but then this ridiculous friend of mine borrowed it and haven't returned it back to me! urrgh...

top: bali, leather jacket: zara, shorties: billabong, bag: celine, heels: marie claire

top: body and soul, short jeans: dad's old stuffs :p, bag: urban twist

so and so,
back to the most discussed topic in the previous post.
i'm here to talk about the BLOGGER MEET UP!

it sounds exciting, isn't it? or am i the only one who's excited?
i've been wanting this to happen for, well, months?!
so, who's with me?

it's not yet confirmed though, but, we've chosen a date!
SATURDAY, 26th JUNE 2010
it's two weeks more, but you need to make a RSVP FROM NOW ON! :)
i'm afraid that the place is limited, so, please do make a reservation

how? simply by email NITYA, from strawberry giggles, your:

- Name
- Blog Address
- Your mobile phone number / Blackberry PIN*
- Your suggestion for the place
*= We won't publish your private information

to: nitya.krisnantari@yahoo.com

the place is um, again not yet confirmed -i am deeply sorry
but we're thinking about
STRAWBERRY CAFE (jl. Gandaria) or PANCIOUS (permata hijau)
we're thinking about lunch? around 1/2 pm? both of the place are pretty cozy, so let's just enjoy our afternoon together, eh?

as if, we've confirmed anything, i'll update in THIS POST (through comment, so pls check it often)
and nitya will confirm you directly if you've contacted her and made a reservation.

thank you tons for your attention
and have a good day!


Thursday, June 3, 2010


11:56 AM 27

another boring day, and i must admit that i miss college days.
well, i've still got 27 days of holiday and technically don't know what should i do.

i really wanna meet up my old friends and catch things up, but, they're kinda busy, so we need to arrange some time.
and my raffles' friends are mostly leaving to singapore for their uni :'( uuu~ gonna miss them a lot!

what about you guys?
what are you gonna do on this holiday?

oh anyway, wanna meet up with fellow bloggers?
that would be fun, yea?
contact me anytime, love.
i'll talk to kak nitya and we'll arrange everything, righty kak? :p

scarf: cotton ink, skirt worn as tube dress: noir sur blanc, necklace: pim, bag: louis vitton, wedges: everbest

hear from ya soon!


Wednesday, June 2, 2010


11:26 PM 9
today, i went to raffles to ask for a recommendation letter mentioning about my ex-title, Event Organizer. it's for my lovely cv.
yes, i'm planning to work on this holiday, but then, where huh?
i've only got a month and most of the workplace opens part timer for min 3months time.
still thinking and would very appreciate if you kindly tell me any info about it :D

well, after that i went to jason's house and played PARAMPAA! it's a very clever (yet idiot) game. it's kinda confusing though, but we cheated along the way. still, we haven't gotten to finish the last level hahaha. very stupid, eh?

anyway, the pics of icha and ichi are ready, but i'm too lazy to post them today. tomorrow yea?
so, stay tune kay love?

err, again it's kinda stupid, i'm lazy to post icha and ichi pics but then i posted my pics.
duh, i'm so narcist. lol.
well, see you tomorrow then :)

lbd: zara, necklace: pim, (new-pamer) watch: fossil, glove: nike

i just realized that the last two pics are the same. err stupid but, well, there they are... umm...



11:22 AM 4
hey guys, here're the pics of fabuleux
i mean, the real ones

so enjoy peeps! :D

photographer: Hilarius Jason
model: Putri Sulistyowati

cheers, sartob