if America has the Olsen twins
we have Icha and Ichi.

if you havent known them, see their pics below and have a thought.

awesome right?
luckily, i get a chance to help jason's photoshoot with them!
raawr, can't friggin' wait!



Wynne Prasetyo said…
they're pretty, good luck on the photo-shoot assisting! :)
Gita said…
yay welcome...just place it as La Bella Vita-et Moi and you sistah ???

well i think their similar with the olsens i've been realize this since long time ago but i dint knw there's someone that share same though with me l.o.l :)

btw i follow you,follow back pls >_<
Isquisofrenia said…
they kinda look like olsen twins in the last photo no? haha
Sybil said…
wow!! congrats! they look fierce and perfect for a photoshoot session! :D
yupp,,i aggre with u..btw,,whre did u get those photos??
Nora said…
they are FAB twins! good luck on assisting the photoshot. =))

hugs and kisses,
Fashion Fantasy Land
sartob said…
wynne: yeah they're! :) aaw, thank's a lot dear

ms. gee: alright, will do right away :) yeah they're pretty similar :p well, let's toss deh! :p
sure2 i will :D

lsquisofrenia: yeah agree!

libys11: haha thanks :D

dorothy: i got it from google and some from tumblr :)

nora: thanks a lot noraa :D

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