spotted: me (urgh-again)

ice skating

buscom presentation (i look friggin' weird n freak-and tall)

new haitcut

another presentation day

BATIK CAR! awesome :)

ps: oh anyway which version of me do you like better?



Anonymous said…
hi dear thanks for your sweet comment
you have alot of beautiful pics :)
have a nice weekend
*dont forget to checkout my new post yaa :)
please follow my blog if you like it
Anonymous said…
thank you for comment :)
same as lalita u hv beautiful picture,and cute new hair cut,.

feel free for folloe and link.happy sunday :)
Gita said…
hmmm a nice blog u have there :)
i think ur new hair cut make you look more fresh hehehe :)

wanna exchange and follow each other ?
come vst mine :)

sartob said…
lalita: aw thanks to you too :) sure2 i will thx dear :)

anita: your welcome :D aw thanks a lot

ms. gee: thanks a lot for your lovely comment :) sure2 i'll visit yours asap ;D
Alviana Kalin said…
dih kayaknya itu ada temen g deh si kembar winna windy. hahahaha!

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