hey me again

heyloow everyone,
it's been ages since i last posted my "current style" pics in this blog.
so here they are
the photos has piled up, but i hvnt got any time to upload until now :)

again, don't hesitate to drop comments down there honey :D

to: mall
outer- hkg, inter- forever21, bracelet n necklace- citos, pants- zara, bag- celine

to: old friend's bday party
jacket 1/2leather- zara, dress- citos, bag- charles n keith, shoes- pim

to: nowhere (jst playing dress up)
top- label, pants- itc mangdu

to: mall
top- zara, skirt- ciel, rings- strawberry n bali, rabbit fur bag (hix)- bandung



ratua said…
nice rings :)
thank you for the sweet comment:)
i join a short course at sekolah mode poppy dharsono.i just visit label clothing line, is it yours?:D
Yessica said…
I love your shoes! hahaha.. and the wood accent in your room is great... thinking of decorating my floor room with wood also. ;)
ninit said…
I love your shoes!

And I promise I will keep writing, btw aku udah bikin cerita baruuu,, main2 yaaah. Ceritanya based on true story aku..hehe

makasihhh yaa

Strawberry Giggles
sartob said…
ratu: thanks dear

sisterhood: ooh i see. yeah it's mine :D did you see the blog? well it's been a long time since i last updated it hehe :p

ye55i: oh wow thanks :D yeah you should!

nitya: thanks dear, iyaa i've seen it. totally love it nit :) keep writing yaa :D
aisaicha said…
love your outfit <3
sartob said…
thanks aisa :)

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