s(he) be(lie)ved

the title sounds pretty catchy and funny
i found it on twitter, and honestly i don't even know who's writing it.
doesn't mean that i'm following strangers,
it was a tweet which retweeted by a friend of mine.

well, talking about twitter,
my mind went unconscious whenever i write something.
i feel like writing all my thoughts down, i feel like shouting everything and spit them out.
but, again, guys, twitter is NOT a private place for you to shit all about your life
seriously, when i started to write something "really" personal, i think twice.
so, please oh please, don't write stuffs that your followers needn't to know, such as:
"my bra colour for today is... or hey, im just posting my naked pic on flickr or something"

and, one more thing,
do study how to use twitter correctly before you're using it.
RETWEET is not a way to reply someone's tweet. there's a REPLY option which you can simply choose to yes, REPLY THE MESSAGE! zzz

yes, i'm being so stern and fierce about this. and yes, i do exaggerate a bit
but, hell yeah, my life sucks as much as my sickness.

*fyi: i was just recovered from this tiring 3 days disease which took away my appetite from eating anything oily.
and also, this unknown disease forced me to vomit and poop repeatedly. it's not muntaber, or, maybe it is...
well, there's an additional fever and masuk angin which worsen my days.

so, it sounds doom and sad.
a good thing to hear is JAVA JAZZ IS ROCKIN' TOMORROW!
i'll be seeing JOHN LEGEND and haven't remembered any of his songs, suck, again, yeah.

not gonna say the c word today,


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