new year celebration

with astrid

tobias would never let his penguin go...

with mommy, does she look gorgeous? :)

carlotta, i adore her style

kembang api
kue kering
petasan (ups)

it seems like those things i mention above was kinda related to new year, don't you think?
well, maybe others would have other perception, but mine is more about those.
especially family,
i always always and always celebrate new year with my whole fam, either from my mom's or dad's side. i always spend the countdown moment with them.

2010's new year was great,
i felt the bond we were having as a family
you know, when i had this small chapel time, i felt like, this is it.
2009's going to end, and i'm going to write in a new page. and i just thank God that i have my family here beside me.

well, tell me about yours,
what did you do?
staying at house n watching TV like jeje? (:p)
or, something more special than that?

sartob :)


Unknown said…
Happy new year!!! love the lace outer soo much!!

o iyaa..maaf yaa blom follow balik kamu di baru tau itu kamuu..ttg meet up, ga ada persyaratan khusus koq..siapa aja bisa join :)..

nnti klo ada meet up berikutnya aq kbr2in yaaa :D
dotie said…
awesome blazer especially love the accentuated shoulder :)
sartob said…
fika: hey fika, happy new year to you too! aw thx :)

hahaha gpp ka, okok asiik, ntr kbr2in ya :)

dotie: aw thx dotie ;)


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