long pause, then exam's here

my exam is on 27th! and im freaking out here!
these days were so doomed, i was stuck at home to study and my internet was broken, leading to procrastinate homework and assignments.
jeez, i need some rest.

well, anyways, i had a pretty good damn times with monash peeps, as last saturday was abe's birthday party. it was a blast. joe, abe himself, ivain, and several other people was crazily drunk. they said weird things, done weird stuffs, and everything's gone weird but fun though. some pics are here:

"say aaa, baby"

hot mama rocks the night

with para penyamun- abe, moi, joe, theo

girls night- windy, wina

finally, happy birthday abe!



Unknown said…
nice lace top!! I love it when you paired it with sneakers!! coool!!

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