Saturday, January 16, 2010


3:37 PM 1

Randomly boring.
Those pics above are taken from my management slide.
Tito gave such an interesting lecture, but I can't stop fidgeting n doodling.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

long pause, then exam's here

9:24 PM 2
my exam is on 27th! and im freaking out here!
these days were so doomed, i was stuck at home to study and my internet was broken, leading to procrastinate homework and assignments.
jeez, i need some rest.

well, anyways, i had a pretty good damn times with monash peeps, as last saturday was abe's birthday party. it was a blast. joe, abe himself, ivain, and several other people was crazily drunk. they said weird things, done weird stuffs, and everything's gone weird but fun though. some pics are here:

"say aaa, baby"

hot mama rocks the night

with para penyamun- abe, moi, joe, theo

girls night- windy, wina

finally, happy birthday abe!


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

new year celebration

6:54 PM 3

with astrid

tobias would never let his penguin go...

with mommy, does she look gorgeous? :)

carlotta, i adore her style

kembang api
kue kering
petasan (ups)

it seems like those things i mention above was kinda related to new year, don't you think?
well, maybe others would have other perception, but mine is more about those.
especially family,
i always always and always celebrate new year with my whole fam, either from my mom's or dad's side. i always spend the countdown moment with them.

2010's new year was great,
i felt the bond we were having as a family
you know, when i had this small chapel time, i felt like, this is it.
2009's going to end, and i'm going to write in a new page. and i just thank God that i have my family here beside me.

well, tell me about yours,
what did you do?
staying at house n watching TV like jeje? (:p)
or, something more special than that?

sartob :)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

my f-ing awesome friends

10:28 PM 0
these are two awesome blogs i've been wanting to share with you guys since hundred years ago. they're just too genius and seriously got some real talents.

the first one is adine's
she's an old friend of mine

i heart her magnificent drawings, photoshoots, and writings.
they're all adorable.

here's some screenshots of her working:

click here to visit her blog

and meet jiwi, who will be 17 toms, -if i'm not mistaken
she's an amazing photographer
click her here

enough said,

Saturday, January 2, 2010

neglected photos

10:40 PM 0
jadi, gw upload aja foto2 yg ga penting,
eh penting sih,
yeah, let's see...

(from the left, peeps)

who: windy, winston, sartob, wina
where: GI
what: goofing off?

who: tete, wina, tata, windy, sartob, jeje
where: monash' toilet haha
what: preparing for outbound!

who: tata, sartob, windy, alvin
where: outbound ancol
what: ngerasain jd orang utan

who: windy, tete, jo, tata, sartob, abe, wina- back: alvin, bobby, theo, jeni
what: resting :p

who: windy, sartob, ivain, tata, alvin, tete- in front: theo, wina
what: preparing stuffs- get ready :)

who: winston, jo, jeni si guling, sartob, windy, wina
where: monash
what: photobooth

who: winston, tete, jo, sartob, jeni

who: jeje, nadia, windy, sartob
where: monash's toilet
what: class break

who: sartob only (ngapain jg?)
captured by: windy
where: Q billiard, EX
what: menurut lo?

RAFFLES (alumni)

who: eliza, chibi, sartob, neea
where: pim
what: japan reunion :D

who: neea, sartob
what: showing off neea's new lomo hoho

who: sartob, jalu, eliza
where: pim, starbucks
what: tiba2 ketemu jalu ya foto dong!

who: sartob, sara, cherryn
where: sara's house
what: picking up sara, mw bergila bertiga :) i drove loh haha (pamer)

who: tara, sara, sartob, jason
where: iyeng's housy
what: lio's seventeen

who: usual suspects :p
what: hm, we love to smile, ritey?


who: alice, arias, sara, sartob, back- andreas, vidon
where: gki pi
what: baksos katarak!

wuoo, i feel like posting thousand pics here, but my thumb numb and i'm sleepy hoho.

ooh anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR, im not too late huh?

cheers and loves,