shining inheritance

did i told you that i've been watching a korean series nowadays?
not nowadays actually, it was exactly 2 days ago. the movie called shining inheritance. well, i think most of korean drama fans out there found this movie very familiar.
guess what, i finished this series in only 3 days. there're 28 episodes and i must say it was a bit too long. however, i enjoy the stories and the casts played really well.

i'm a bit sad though, i just heard from my maid that this movie has been plagiarized by sinemArt. it turns out to be a new sinetron called kejora dan bintang. when i read the summary, i was like "eerrr, wtf?" this is seriously humiliating. can indonesian pls stop stealing people's ideas? it's annoying

oh well, never mind then. let me just post my favourite pics from shining inheritance:

he's the lead actor, lee seung ki, but i'm sorry dear guy, your smile disturbs me. i prefer your cold looking eyes with the arrogant look i love. i also heart his heart-breaking voice. oh, and anyway, his face was such a combination between rain and ron weasley/ rupert grint from harry potter. quite weird, but me likey!



Anonymous said…
lee sung gi tuh emang nyummy sar ckck
Anonymous said…
Hello there! I'm also a fan of Shining's so amazing!
sartob said…
hahaha mantep :p i love shining inheritance (Y)

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