MERRY belated CHRISTMAS people!!!

I knw it's a day late, I was so busy yesterday, drove opung to church in the early morning n then visit both of opungs' places. I was friggin' tired as I became mom n dad's private driver and the distance was freaking hundred miles away (lebay sih tp it's truly far).

So and so, yesterday I borrowed this cool korean serial called "shining inheritance". The story was pretty nice n touching. I spent like the whole night (or should I call morning, coz I watched it from 11pm-5am) to watch this series. I think I'm going to continue the rest today.

Idk, but I felt like sleeping the whole day. I'm very very very lazy to do anything. Maybe it's because the PMS which literally worsen my day. Errgh, I'm sorry dear cherryn n gaby, you guys don't knw how lazy I am now. Zzzz. Hope you guys enjoy the movie :p

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