Me nowadays

The first two pics above are me n cherryn. It's been a month since we last met n finally crashed pim yesterday.

Oddly, it felt like we've met everyday. We didn't miss each other. Yeah, it's maybe because, we talk through phone calls like EVERYDAY. She's like a soulmate which I can't escape from.

Oh well, anyway the rest of the pics show me having a little christmas celebration at my friend's restaurant, black cat. And, it was an awesome night. We had a chance to sing a couple christmas songs, and though some were awful but we enjoyed the rest of the night. Thanks to maggie, brenda, and CHIKA who made my day :)


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Unknown said…
sara sara ! bagus blog lu hehehehehe ! gw juga ada blog nih numpang promosi hehehehe . asik ada gw di post ini ;p gw masih ada loh video nya yang kita nyanyi ahahhahaa

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