I'm not a smoker, but why do I look like one?

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Random post.
Random smile :)

So, what's up peeps?
Today's the last day of the year! Aren't you excited? So tell me, what is your plan for tonight?

+ church :)
+ meet cousins at opung's house
+ get drunk wif some baileys, wine n beer (very very stupid)
+ fireworks, probably?
+ play hotel 6 to 6 at 00.00

What a pathetic new year's eve huh? Well, I do envy ANDRE n ABEL coz they jst arrived at puncak to celebrate nye with my other cousins (from dad's side)

I miss them like friggin crazy! I haven't met them since... Hm, last year! Especially ICA who has gone to bandung for her uni, I barely talk to her. ARNOLD too! I talked to CINDY a lot and met a couple times along this year. But I still miss her stupid narcissism. Oh I wish I could use a private jet and fly through traffic n jump over the pool they have in the villa. Wuo, that would be awesome :p

P.S. Currently in love with my ninny candy nail polish. I decorated it myself!

Cheers peeps (Y)
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