if you followed me on my twitter (@sartob) you might already know that i've entered college.
last monday was my first orientation day at monash college.
and the story goes...

so, temen pertama monash gw namanya: RIA. kt kenalan rada accidentally gitu sih, sebenernya nyokap gw yg kyk ngajak ngomong kakaknya, trs malah jd gw yg ngmg sm dy :)
she's really fun and friendly, sayangnya, dia ambil part two which is different with mine (i'm in part one) tp gpp, masih bs ktmuan kok intinya haha.

well, i met wina and windy, twins, tp ga mirip haha. they're also very friendly n ambil diploma business kyk gw haha! asik!

the next day, i went for another orientation day, but that was more personal, parents are not adviced to come. well, i've known ria, wina, and windy so, at least i've got friends :) haha. terus yeah, we had games and put in groups. temen baru lg! (i'm sooo excited to have LOTS of new friends :D) jesslyn and christopher (if i'm not mistaken) n satu lg! dr gandhi ancol, he's a bit weird but nice after all :) namanya daniel. and, we've got to know each other better and decided to take commerce together. jesslyn was pretty shy at the start, but after i knew she went for igcse too, we got hyper talking stuffs haha. trs kalo christopher, anaknya asik, dr SMAK1, n ternyata kenal tmn2 gw dr sana. trs, i also met a few others, such as icha and the arab one, which i forgot the name :( yah, maklum, short term memory haha.

OVERALL, asik. monash asik. gurunya asik. temennya asik. pelajarannya (mungkin) asik. time table nya asik bgt (krn ngrasa kyk kuliahan bgt, ga kayak sekolah yg diatur dr jm sekian sampe sekian haha)
jadi intinya, gw merasa asik :)

lalu, i've heard about miyabi things.
miyabi aka maria ozawa katanya mau ke indo ya? trs fpi heboh banget haha.
well, gak comment banyak deh. soalnya gw ga ngerti jg.
tp i remembered, around 2 years ago, my boy friends used to talk about her like every seconds. so, her name was captured in my core brain and AH! wkt di radio namanya disebut, i was like... hm... i think i knw that name haha.

katanya sih, dia mw main di film "menculik miyabi" based on a script by Raditya Dika haha. yah, kl filmnya jadi sih katanya bukan porn movie, tp comedy gt. haha, kt liat saja nanti kawan2 :p

taken from: google (of course)

aannddd, the last thing i wanna share with you guys!
lebay emang, tp you really dnt knw how excited i am haha.
walopun sara gajadi nonton, and cherryn jg!
they leave me no choice, gw tetep harus nonton coz i bought the tickets.
akhirnya gw nonton brg alver, demas, n nael.
gpp, yg penting TING2S! :D
eh btw, ada yg nonton jg ga?

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