tarphrodite tomorrow. anyone coming?

this is gonna be a quick one.
well first of all, i feel like i've been missing ages since my last post, padahal, it's been two days only haha. or three days, huh?

what's the news?

hm, nothing much actually, but i just feel i wanna write.
ooh, well, i think i should tell you guys this.
i'm planning to open a shop now.
well, it's kinda like an online shop, but, i'm still thinking about it as you knw, there're millions other online shops out there.
it'll be hard for me to compete with them :(
still thinking though, i'm not pretty sure what i'm gonna do.
well, i actually have the stuffs now,
so i can sell them anytime.
i'm gonna post them here,
just pls be patient and keep checking, kay dear?

ooh, and, i should've said this before.
the shop i'm making is a collaboration with a best friend of mine since primary.
her name is dhea.
i think i've mentioned her a couple times here,
and probably you might forget so i'll just post her pic soon then :)

it's getting late and i have an event to attend tomorrow.
it's tarphrodite.
check tarphrodite.blogspot.com for further information.
if you guys are coming, hm, see you tomorrow!


oh ps.
these are two pics i took before and i sell the blouse my cousin n i'm using

well, you could use it as a dress (for toddlers)
or blouse like wht i was wearing.

i also do sell the necklace and the scarf. lol.
details? next post please :)


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