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First of all, this post is about my "curhat" or storytell which could bore you. Do skip it if you're not interested :) (ps. Dear my 10beloved friends, this is wht I'm feeling now. I miss you guys badly)

It's been 2 days I started my education at monash, oddly, it feels like a week passed already. We got along each other in class and surely I had lots of great new friends. Yeah, I must say (not to be racist) I'm the only pribumi kid in class. But they seem so nice n blend with me easily. I really do thank God for giving me such wonderful friends.

Well, I know I just continued my life. But,in the middle of the day, suddenly I had a memory flashback. A real quick one actually. I remembered when I used to hang out with my gang (not a gang- gangster, I should describe them as my best friends literally) and where we used to sit in the canteen, laugh crazily, chatting and gossiping about our "adek" (juniors). I just thought, I wish I could have something like that here. Or, I could just return the time.

Oh my my, where does the time go really? Yesterday was high school and tomorrow I'm gonna be in college. It just ran so fast.

It's a dilemma.

Or I perhaps miss my ppl.
Oh, I sure do.

Sartob (@sartob)

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