crocs playtime

click here to see her in the official website
here: 200,000rp

buy 2 for only 400,000rp

CYPRUS (photo-soon!)
or click here instead
there: $49.99
here: 250,000rp

RIO (photo-soon!)
or click here instead
there: $59.99
here: 350,000rp
buy 2 for only 600,000rp

what are these?

well, they're well known-brand shoes called crocs
you might already knew and familiar enough with this brand
so, my mom's friend is selling them (and i help her- i'll get something if i could sell them :))
well, these are imported from china (yea, china might sounds so fake to you)
but, don't worry these are real
they just baked freshly from the oven,
which means i could get you cheaper price than the store

why cheaper?

first, i don't need to pay tax neither rent for the store
second, as i said, they were sent directly from the factory
third, no box included, well, they're packaged in a special plastic which means less cost

and yes, I sell them online
if you guys have any inquires, pls email me at
or sms at 08170870948
or simply by comment here :)



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