Comic maniac

Yes I am.
Well, I was actually.
I started to love comics since grade 5. A friend of mine lent me her nakayoshi and I was insanely in love with it.
So, I started to collect comics since then. I had almost a hundred comics back then. Unfortunately, I lost lots of them because of irresponsible borrower and eaten by rayap (termite). And now I'm just collecting my fav's artists' (as the price is getting madly expensive). And I have like, well, 200 perhaps?

And, what happened was...
My cousin told me that there was this book bazaar located in the back of my church. And he told me that the price was 1000/ piece. I was like, freaking out, screaming with unbelievable eyes. It was written nicely there "1000/komik" and in a blink I grabbed most of them enthusiastically. When I hold a bunch of comics in my hand, I felt so damn good. Ecstatic. And, yes, I bought 31 pieces.

Not satisfied.
I remembered the cashier guy told me that they sold more in istora. So I told my mom and rushed, wishing there's something left. And yeay! I got 22 more pieces to complete my day. It felt so great. Indescribable, I must say. Too good to explain. Lol.

So, here're some photos of them. Enjoy!

Cheers and other thousands cheers,
Sartob! Wooohhoooooooo :DDD

Ps. Special thanks to
Stephanie and Astrid :)
Thx for helping me out
Oh, and hiding it from my mom :p

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huahahaha, iyaa kaaa..
yang sky nyaa, aku balikinnya minggu aja yaa, ahahaha
sartob said…
ga sih trid, gw beli lg 20 komik! haha. jd skrg jumlahnya 78! wohooo

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