why shit?

fyi, i've been watching and dreaming shit these days.

a couple days ago, i watched "preman in love" with my mom. the story really sucks.

"kenapa sih ni film, dr awal, tengah, sampe tamat pun isinya TAI semua?"
"film ga punya moral, film TAI"
-mom's thoughts-

yes, it's true.
it only shows shit everywhere, since the beginning, people are being thrown by shits and also, there's a guy being forced to eat cow's shit and many more.
indonesian movie is getting lame and shitter (haha, is that a word?)

well, the image of shit was stuck on my mind, and i dreamt that i swam in a shit pool.

it's not finished yet.

getting bored in the afternoon, i turned on my tv and chose celestial channel, hoping there would be a nice movie to watch.
and another shit picture popped out in the screen. yes, it's another shit movie, called "attack on the pin-up boys".
so, to conclude, the movie is about, a jealous guy who
attacks heartthrob/ pretty boys with shit.
interested? click here to read the whole story

after watching the movie, i felt this guy seems so familiar.
who was he?

ooh yeah, i realized, i watched him in a movie, called hello schoolgirl.
and, ooh, he played with chae jung ahn, who also plays in the first shop of coffee prince.
oh geez, they're all connected hahaha.

source: here and google

so, shit, ppl!
haha, cheers anyway,


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