the katroes

sorry for a long absent ppl,
i've been busy doing stuffs and laziness stopped me from being present here
anyway, as you ppl know, a best friend of mine has gone to australia.
and she just told me that she's gonna return tomorrow! i'm so damn excited!

*background: cla's funny face

well, what's this?
it's just an iseng thing i did in my spare time.

it's me and my retard besty, clarissa.
i sleptover at her house a few weeks ago and we did a lot of photoshoot. it wasn't a real photoshoot, again, it's just iseng. and some of the photos are very interesting, because we showed our aib A LOT. so, i'm gonna minimize them and put them in groups for an easier look.

why the katroes?
well, when i made it, that word (i'm not even sure if there's a word for that) just popped out in my mind. i'd like to call ourselves katro - somekind like a village ppl.
clarissa was daft, insane, sly, very stingy and kinda old-fashion but has such great stuffs (she really did). and i was a bit ninny (bolot in a few case), lebay (get too excited easily) and, katro. hahaha. so, yes, i'm proudly present:
the katroes!
-sartob as cihaks
-clarissa as bohoo
(it's like our alter egoes)

i suddenly missed my bohoo, let's hang out and spend QUALITY (read: crazy) time again cla! haha

cheers and love,
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bohoo said…
lo emg kampunnnng!
cihaks ama bohoo apa lagi?
bikin kata sendiri ye?
aaaah kaaangen. elu sih minggu ini ga bisaaa! gue jg gbs sih heheh.

HARUS ke tempat bagus sumpah. kita tuh ke tempat kumuh terusss
sartob said…
Eh sialan lo haha. Iyaa nama yg gw buat sndiri. Cute kaan? :)) iyee ah goblok bgt. Sm2 gbs hahaha. Makanyee, I called us katro. G prnh k mall brg sih haha

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